FXCM Partnering with TradingView, Enabling Joint Platform Integration

FXCM Group has teamed up with TradingView, launching an API-powered integration, per a company statement.

The new integration will enable FXCM users to execute orders directly from the TradingView platform, whereby gaining access to a wide range of new tools.

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This includes TradingView’s comprehensive suite of charting tools, advanced data analytics, and user-generated research.

“Our integration with TradingView will bring sophisticated tools to the FXCM portfolio, ensuring our customers have access to as much technology and information as possible,” explained Sameer Bhopale, Chief Marketing Officer at FXCM Group.

The move will help improve FXCM’s customer trading capabilities. In doing so, users will be able to also have access to new sources, market moves, and trading in real time.

“This partnership will further enhance FXCM’s long standing mission of providing excellent customer experience to the highest degree,” reiterated Bhopale.

According to Denis Globa, CEO of TradingView: “Through partnering with a long-standing broker like FXCM, we look forward to seeing our community of traders engage with new markets and trade in realtime. Our products continue to improve as we combine the global reach of both our offerings.”

Earlier today, FXCM also made headlines with the partnership between its institutional arm, FXCM Pro and Your Bourse. Under the agreement, clients of FXCM will be to access liquidity through the Your Bourse Liquidity Hub.

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