Nexon Korea CEO Refutes Rumors of Bitstamp Exchange Acquisition

Nexon CEO Lee Jung-hun debunked rumors that it has plans to acquire Luxembourg-based bitcoin exchange Bitstamp. Over the past few months, rumors have mushroomed that the South Korean game developer Nexon was considering an acquisition of Bitstamp.

Nexon Korea does not have anything to do with a Bitstamp acquisition. We do not have any plans to link cryptocurrencies with our game business.

Nexon Korea is a subsidiary of the publicly-listed NXC holding company in Japan. The press conference was organized to discuss his vision and future plans for Nexon Korea. Nexon Korea has developed games such as Counter-Strike, FIFA Online, and Dungeon Fighter Online.

Although Nexon Korea has no intention to link its business with cryptocurrencies, its parent company NXC recently acquired a 65 percent controlling stake in South Korea’s second-biggest crypto exchange Korbit at a valuation of $150 million USD.

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