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In recent times, the notion of equality has been heavily debated upon. Whether this implies a gender pay gap, or even a racial gap, it should be clear by now that not everyone is treated with equal respect, pay or given the same types of opportunities. With different preferences for groups, it is no wonder that a community at large no longer exists but rather little cliques. Will this unfairness ever come to an end? Apparently, GeoManna has taken the first step towards equality in a digital setting.

What Is The Purpose GeoManna?

GeoManna is a decentralized ecosystem that focuses on peer-to-peer interaction (also referred to as P2P). In addition, it is a system that is in the works of creating a platform that promotes equal-ity for every individual, be it one person or a business, regardless of one’s social, economic and cultural backgrounds. Simply put, GeoManna claims to reunite consumers as a whole community as opposed to individual groups.

Some of the concerns that have been targeted for the purpose of this project include high interest rates, transfer fees, low speed, and poor consumer-business relationships. Since more and more businesses are leaning towards e-commerce, a platform like GeoManna can potentially help them grow sustainable relationships while giving participants equal access to what’s available.

How Can Consumers Benefit From Using GeoManna?

GeoManna Bonuses are given to reward user activities and to confirm transactions that take place between participants. Some of the features of the proclaimed bonuses include instant money transfer, increased security, no commissions for those who use GeoManna as a platform, and global access to trading sites, goods and services.

According to the claims made, anyone can take part in the GeoManna community, as ensuring everyone benefits equally from a social interaction is the key concern under consideration. A commendable feature of GeoManna is the fact that those who do not wish to hold GeoManna bonuses can do so by redirecting them to charitable organizations.

What Can Be Said About The GeoManna Token?

The GeoManna token, referred as GM for simplicity, is a decentralized ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Hence, trading, transferring or even purchasing GM requires a wallet that supports ERC-20 standards. The main reason why integrating Blockchain technologyseemed appropriate on their part is to ensure that each individual is getting in touch and have access to transparent, open and reliable sources and businesses. This is definitely a growing concern for online shoppers, as many have been scammed at some point in life.

How Will GeoManna Initiate Its ICO?

Based on existing news, GeoManna’s ICO will last a period of one month, starting May 1st, 2018. The crowdfunding will be done in two stages, a pre-sale and a main sale. From all the soft caps that have existed in the past, GeoManna believes that it won’t take a lot to get the project off the grounds, as their soft cap is set at 500 ETH. Getting hold of GeoManna during the ICO period is ideal as each coin costs approximately 0.10USD, whereas during the end of the main sale, its value can sit at around 0.50USD.

GeoManna ICO Details

GeoManna Conclusion

Overall, GeoManna supports an important societal issue that has been making its way to news platforms on a daily basis. In addition, no other crypto asset focuses on such an issue, allowing GeoManna to have the competitive advantage. Furthermore, if the project continues firmly, the idea of a decentralized blockchain in the digital world, say e-commerce, can not only stabilize an economy, but ensure that healthy relationships are sustained.

The one thing that seems to be troubling on their part is their lack of transparency. Based on their road map, forming the core of the team is said to be the fourth thing to do, but this should have been done prior to making an introduction to the cryptocurrency world. The team is essential as it allows investors and traders to better understand the potential the project has, and the team’s capacity in solving the supposed concerns, which all contribute towards the value of the token and the entire ecosystem. For more updates on GeoManna, go to:

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