TRON Finally Beats Ethereum For The dApp Gold Medal

In many ways, TRON and Ethereum are both rivals and when it comes to the dApp space, things seem to always get a bit heated. Now, the decentralised platform that is TRON has become the leading platform with respect to the total dApp users and the volume of active users.

Justin Sun is a big member of the crypto space and is known for being very vocal in the space. The CEO of TRON takes Twitter almost every day to talk about something new just as he has with this:

#TRON is No.1 now in terms of total Dapp users and active dapp users! #TRX $TRX #BitTorrent #BTT $BTT

One of the leading dApp websites is DappReview and according to data from the site, TRON has 267,000 total users on their dApps over the past two months which leads it to be the highest. EOS follows this with 197,000 and Ethereum with 151,000 users within the period.

When it came to the active users on their networks TRON was also the biggest player with 16,236 active users. EOS has 13,845 and Ethereum had just over 2,100.

The TRON CEO has clearly been working hard to get to this stage in his career and it shows how proud he is. In 2018, Sun always said that TRON’s main goal was to beat Ethereum when it came to smart contracts and dApps. In order to achieve this, Sun put many things in place including the buy out of BitTorrent.

Sun has gained a lot of traction through his social media activity and how he gets involved with his community.

Many people believe that the next big move for TRON is to surpass Ethereum’s smart contract deployment however, only time will tell.

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