LUNA and UST Communities Become Targets of Scams Promising Refunds On Their Terra Investments

Terra Team Cautions that Official Announcements Will Only Be Made Through Their @terra_money Twitter Account

The proliferation of scammers targeting the LUNA and UST communities has led the team at Terra to announce that official announcements and updates will only be made via their Twitter handle. They said:

All updates will be posted on this Twitter account (@terra_money).

Any other Twitter accounts purporting to represent Terra are fake. Users are advised to be on the lookout for scams.

Therefore, LUNA and UST community members should not click on any Tweets or websites promising anything connected to the two digital assets.

Terra Has Promised a Post Mortem on Everything that Happened

At the time of writing, the most recent update by the team at Terra was made yesterday, May 14th, on Twitter, explaining that they are working on publishing a post-mortem of everything that transpired in the last week.

Additionally, they requested everyone be safe during these ‘tremendously difficult times for everyone affected.’

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