InvestAnswers Host Calls Solana ($SOL) the Top Ethereum Competitor

Popular crypto analytics and market commentary show InvestAnswers says that Solana ($SOL) is likely still the top competitor for Ethereum ($ETH). 

Speaking in a recent YouTube video, the show’s host told viewers that he still considers Solana a hedge against Ethereum and maintains his “day one thesis” that Solana is a potential “ETH killer.

The host noted that Solana has an attractive market capitalization for investors, roughly 1/12th that of Ethereum, despite its strong development and support. 

As reported by The Daily Hodl, the host outlined more advantages for Solana:

The strength of Solana, and the reason why I still like it, is that they have the most breadth of DApps [decentralized applications] of any chain out there. They have exponential adoption. Fast, inexpensive, scalable. Despite the outage…

It also has Rust, the most preferred developing language that’s driving the most development activity on any chain. 65,000 [transactions per second]. No need for layer-2s, and SOL DApps have more daily active users than Ethereum DApps, which is kind of staggering, because Ethereum has about 3,000 DApps and SOL has about 750.”

While InvestAnswers’s host was bullish on Solana, he contended that Ethereum still held a number of advantages, including its larger size and significantly longer time on the market.

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