The Abyss—#52BTC

The Abyss project positions itself as the next generation digital distribution platform. The development of the project will be carried out with funds raised during the DAICO.

The DAICO is a new model of fundraising that combines the best features of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and traditional ICOs, making the processes of collecting and distributing funds as transparent and secure as possible. This format of token sale also gives more power to the holders of the tokens, who can vote for an increase (or not) of the monthly budget of the project and vote for the return of funds remaining on the smart contract if they are not satisfied with how the developers are implementing the project.

The DAICO of the platform is currently live and is the first of its kind in the world. According to the latest data, the project team managed to raise 12,024 ETH and 117,339 BNB tokens (Binance).

After the launch, the Abyss portal will feature games of all genres, including crypto games and AAA titles. Priority will be given to free MMO (massively multiplayer online) games. The main difference (and advantage over) the competitors, such as Steam, Origin, and GOG, is the so-called multi-level referral program that will allow users to receive a percentage of all payments from their invited friends, friends of their friends, and so on. Five referral levels for both players and developers are available.

In addition, players will be able to earn from motivational programs on the fulfillment of tasks given by the developers, personal achievements in games, and creation of content which will be published on the platform. The developers will be able to present their product on the portal and deliver it to the target audience, avoiding bloated advertising budgets.

The Project Team

The Abyss platform is created by Destiny.Games, a Russian developer and localizer of video games, known for projects such as “Botva Online,” “MosWar,” and “MuSic Wars.” The same company is responsible for the appearance of the game “TERA” and its updates in Russia and the CIS.

ABYSS Tokens

The main currency on the platform will be the ABYSS tokens, which will allow one to receive discounts when making purchases. Basic services, including referral and motivation programs, internal CPA network and auction, will work exclusively with these tokens. Game purchases and various in-game transactions, however, can be made in a fiat currency.


The project has good prospects provided both by the chosen model of the crowdsale (DAICO), which is designed to ensure the reliability of investments, and the functionality that significantly distinguishes it from its closest competitors. The platform combines the best services (many of which are unique, such as the five-tier referral program) and is supported by a number of large partner companies with a worldwide reputation. In general, The Abyss is an interesting and attractive investment project with a good idea, which has the potential to provide a sizeable return on the investment.

I managed to participate in the DAICO with 1 BTC and the maximum bonus. One can still get a 25% bonus until April 20, 5:00 PM (Moscow time). There is little time left, so I advise everyone to hurry. The project also accepts Binance tokens, which appears to be the most profitable way to invest due to the difference in rate.

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