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No more high fees, no more waiting! SpaceSwap has connected to Binance Smart Chain where it’s offering a boost to MILK2 farming!

The SpaceSwap team announced that on 24 February, the connection to the Binance Smart Chain has been completed. Starting from this moment, users are able to move their MILK2 savings over the SpaceSwap Bridge, farm coins more efficiently, and purchase crypto on BSC via PancakeSwap.

New network – new profits 

The primary undeniable advantage of moving to the Binance Smart Chain is efficient farming. Once a user connects their MetaMask wallet to BSC, they get access to three pools on PancakeSwap:

  • MILK2 / BNB

During the first three days of farming, 1.2 MILK2 coins are mined per block. Yet, block generation time on Binance Smart Chain is only 3 seconds, which means 24 MILK2 coins are generated per minute! 

The reward of 1.2 MILK2 per block will only last for the first three days – after that, it will equal the farming reward on the Ethereum network. 

SHAKE token holders will enjoy additional profits:

  • They share the fees from the Blockchain Bridge transactions (5 MILK2 per transaction) – the reward is distributed after every 100,000 Ethereum blocks or 466,000 BSC blocks mined.
  • 1% of all mined MILK2 tokens are distributed to SHAKE holders every 100,000 Ethereum blocks or 466,000 BSC blocks mined.
  • Bigger allocations in new DeFi projects via SpaceSwap Starter.
  • Partial profits of 7% from all sales of NFT collection cards.

Shadow Staking is still on

SpaceSwap’s Shadow Staking service is available on the BSC network too. Users can stake their LP tokens without moving them to the SpaceSwap smart contract. It keeps transaction fees close to zero and stores coins securely on the Binance Chain. Harvesting is made more safe and simple than ever before. 

Why MILK this cow?

Those who haven’t got MILK2 savings yet are advised to enter the game right now. With the crypto and DeFi market experiencing a massive uptrend, the MILK2 coin price has made a giant 5604.22% leap in a 2-month timeframe. Its cost increased from $0.01962 (all-time low on 26 December 2020) to a stellar $4.75 (all-time high on 4 February 2021):


During the last few weeks, the MILK2 price stayed in the range of $0.90 – $1, so this is the right moment for a buy-in. With the shift to the Binance Smart Chain and a new wave of altcoins, its cost may experience another significant spike and break the previous level. While waiting for the next price spike, SpaceSwap users can farm MILK2 with minimal commissions and enjoy increased passive income. 

It’s worth mentioning that the record-breaking growth of SHAKE coin brought its holders profits of +7326.70%. Its price rocketed from a $60.16 all-time low (on 26 December 2020) to an all-time high of $15,871.58 (on 5 February 2021). MILK2 holders still have a chance to exchange their tokens for SHAKE on the Ethereum network.

Binance Smart Chain interface offers more details

Generally, the BSC network feels the same in navigation as the Ethereum network does. However, one more reason to explore the BSC interface on SpaceSwap is that clients can see:

  • Which resources are spent on MILK2 mining?
  • The exact time of the next MILK2 distribution to all the holders.

So far, the BSC network allows users to try three major products: 

  • Interstellar Farming (Access to SHAKE/MILK2, SHAKE/BNB and MILK2/BNB pools)
  • Blockchain Bridge (Exchange of MILK2 BEP-20 coins for MILK2 ERC-20 coins)
  • Shadow Info (Staking LP tokens without moving them to another smart contract or paying extra fees)

Following the successful connection to Binance Smart Chain, SpaceSwap users will be able to access other useful services and products, including SHAKE Blender (MILK2/SHAKE exchange), NFT cards, and index tokens, Shadow Synthetic Assets, Gravity Farming and much more. Hence, the functionality of the BSC-based SpaceSwap will be the same as its Ethereum counterpart. 

Binance Smart Chain – the future of crypto trading?

By joining the crowd of SpaceSwap users connecting to the BSC network, crypto holders can take their first steps in exploring the blockchains of the future. Why are Binance Smart Chain and BEP-20 cryptocurrencies becoming popular?

Based on the BNB token, the Binance Smart Chain is optimized for ultra-fast trading. It allows users to connect to other blockchains (so far, it is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine) and transfer their cryptocurrencies into the BEP-20 standard. Thanks to cross-chain compatibility and minor fees, BSC combines the best of both worlds. 

Let’s get started!

How to try MILK2 farming on the Binance Smart Chain. It only takes a few simple steps:

  • Connect your MetaMask to the Binance Smart Chain by following SpaceSwap’s guide.
  • Connect your MetaMask to the BSC mainnet on the SpaceSwap app. Explore the interface and services and provide liquidity to the MILK2/BNB, MILk2/SHAKE and/or SHAKE/BNB pool(s). 
  • Newcomers can make demo transactions by connecting to the Binance Chain Testnet. Instructions are available here.
  • MILK2 BEP-20 can be exchanged directly for MILK2 ERC-20 with the help of SpaceSwap’s Blockchain Bridge – it enables instant transactions while offering lower fees than the Ethereum network. At the time of writing this post, the transaction fee was 13 MILK2 but can vary according to the network loading capacity.

Closing thoughts

The DeFi market is evolving at an overwhelming speed, so is the SpaceSwap platform. People are sick and tired of enormous Gas fees for transactions on the Ethereum network. Paying $100-120 for a single liquidity provision? That totally disrupts the whole idea of blockchain and cryptocurrency!

The Binance Smart Chain democratizes crypto management while offering lower transaction fees and instant processing. The newly-appeared blockchain is gaining immense traction and is already being appreciated by thousands of users around the world. The first to become explorers on BSC can earn themselves MILK2 on SpaceSwap and enjoy an unbeatable crypto management experience.

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