Second Round First Placer Made 1661% ROI in the PrimeBit Contest

We are in the third round of the PrimeBit Demo Contest where traders can compete in the $2000 prize pool without any risks or investments! The Weekly Ranking has refreshed and all traders have the chance to snatch the top places in the leaderboard.

Congratulations to the winners of the second round! Leading the Weekly Ranking is account no. 366622 who made an astonishing 1661% profit from his demo contest account. The second placer, account no. 365842, made a 608% profit. Account no. 366054 grabbed third place with 212% ROI out of the demo funds provided.

The attractive leverage of 1:200 at PrimeBit made it possible for these traders to grab voluminous profit after trading at the right timing. Every week, the 10 best traders with the highest ROI will receive rewards from the $1500 side prize pool!

In the Global Ranking, the leading traders are closing in with each other. The first placer, account no. 364990, made a staggering 4818% already, climbing its way to the top spot from placing 3rd in the first round. Account no. 360600 speeds up to 2nd place with a 4603% gain after placing 8th in the first round. Ranking third is account no. 357323 with a huge 3444% profit so far.

The top 10 traders in the Global Ranking are racking up profit one after another with over 1900% ROI. This is certainly the result of the cryptocurrency markets experiencing higher volatility for the past few weeks due primarily to the US election and the PayPal announcement to enter the crypto market.

The PrimeBit Demo Trading Contest will give away a $3500 main prize pool to the top 50 traders in the Global Ranking. It’s not too late to join and take your share! The 50th trader gained 163% so far. In addition, the top 10 traders in the Weekly Ranking will get a share from the $1500 side prize pool! Check the rankings in real-time here.

BTCUSDT is now trading at $13,511 and is up by 17.45% so far since the contest started.

Trade crypto contracts on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin on your Contest Account. Maximum leverage of 1:200 will push your profits to the sky and take you in the running for the Global and Weekly Rankings. You don’t need to deposit anything or risk any of your existing funds. Just create a contest account and trade using demo funds. Win real money by trading mock funds!

Bitcoin bulls are pushing to break the $14,000 resistance soon. With the US election day on November 3, volatility could peak and prices in most markets will fluctuate. This is your chance to gain the most profit!

Join the contest today. You only need your email address to sign up. See you there!

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