Kattana and Dexe.network Join Forces with Exciting New Integration

Kattana is now part of the Dexe.network ecosystem, helping drive both projects to a whole new level. Kattana has just announced that it will be integrating with Dexe.network with the aim to provide users with the best and most useful trading tools, making way for the next frontier in DeFi trading. There’s no question that both platforms working together will help accelerate the development of the technologies and ideas necessary to execute this goal.

Dexe.network is a decentralized social trading platform that allows users to mimic the strategies and trading patterns of top traders in the crypto space. The project is merging CeFi components with DeFi to provide its users with additional trading options not available on other platforms, particularly from a social perspective. 

The collaboration will empower both projects to maximize value for one another and the overall ecosystem, as they both continue to blossom. Together, they will form a “one-stop-shop” tool where users can facilitate and utilize DeFi trading at the highest level. Kattana’s advanced charts and market analysis tools are critical components that will help greatly boost the Dexe.network ecosystem and provide users with a unique, efficient and flawless trading experience. With all of this recent news and hype, Kattana is rewarding 200 lucky Dexe loyal community members by giving away 5000 $KTN tokens (its native token) to be split amongst the group. 

How to Sign-up

If you missed the Kattana whitelist, there’s no need to worry! You’re not too late to the party, as there is still an opportunity to potentially claim free $KTN tokens from the upcoming giveaway. 

Please follow the steps below to sign-up and become eligible to participate in the $KTN giveaway:

  • Join the Dexe community and make sure to learn more about the platform
  • Fill out the Google Form here 
  • Make sure to hold at least 10 Dexe tokens in your Ethereum wallet 
  • Read and follow all of the rules, outlined here

Once you’ve completed these steps, there will be an announcement from the project containing further details surrounding the distribution of the token and general next steps. 

More About the Collaboration

This alliance is essential to driving Defi trading adoption and creating the dominant tool to be used by traders across the board. Members of the Dexe and Kattanas are extremely excited about what’s to come. Both teams shared their thoughts on the big news and what’s on the horizon. 

Ilya Demydonok, the Kattana CEO, praised Dexe.network with the following statement:

“Dexe really understands traders and gives them a platform to use their skills, which is exactly what we do too. Imagine how much we can help traders together as one ecosystem!”

Dmitriy Kotliarov, the co-founder of Dexe.network, is also excited about the Kattana integration:

“We always look for collaborations, but  Kattana is such an obvious fit for us that we jumped at the chance to integrate them and welcome them to our ecosystem.”

Kattana and Dexe are on a mission to revolutionize DeFi trading as the world has never seen before. Both projects’ communities contain knowledgeable traders who are looking for the best technology around to improve the trading experience. The merge will be the best of both worlds for both Kattana and Dexe.network to bring about a new era of trading. 

Kattana will greatly help Dexe.network continue to establish itself as a market leader in this space. It is important to note that this collaboration should not be mistaken for a partnership. Kattana has announced that no partnerships will occur until after the Dexe token sale is completed. 

Learn More About Kattana

Kattana is an advanced trading terminal that works with over 40 Dexes. It is designed for both beginner and advanced traders, containing advanced trading tools in order to make the overall experience as seamless and easy as possible. The aim of the project is to merge CeFi with DeFi, broadening and extending the market to its limits. 

Some of the features that users can benefit from are technical analysis instruments, automated crypto strategies, low-latency trades, price charts, portfolio management, news sources, and more. With Kattana, the standard for the best DeFi trading experience has been set, and it’s greater than anyone could even imagine. 

Follow the project by checking out its website and joining its social media platforms:

  • Website 
  • Facebook
  • Telegram channel
  • Telegram group
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Learn More About Dexe.network

Dexe.network is a social trading platform that utilizes smart contracts to connect traders and investors into pools. Within these pools, investors have visibility into the traders’ transactions, coupled with the ability to control the asset that the trader can trade with. Additionally, the platform’s tools let users copy the trades of experienced and successful traders’ wallets, which is suitable for both inexperienced and advanced traders alike.

The overall concept and technology behind this project change the game for trading by bringing in the social aspect and encouraging collaboration across users. Furthermore, it provides everyone with more opportunities to execute successful trades. People can now come together and trade safely in one place while leveraging the most advanced tools available. 

Make sure to follow the project on its social media platforms and website:

  • Website
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  • Telegram
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  • Medium
  • GitHub

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