Cryptocurrencies.AI’s DEX and CEX Offer the Best of Both Worlds

To bring a suite of cryptocurrency trading capabilities under one roof, Cryptocurrencies.AI has developed exchange products that cater to traders of all ability levels. Through its proprietary blockchain platform, Cryptocurrencies.AI offers its users a centralized exchange (CEX) and decentralized exchange (DEX). 

Each ripe with features, Cryptocurrencies.AI enables its users to capitalize on the spot, futures trading, and automated trading. It also offers advanced trading analysis and trading view alert integration to create the ultimate experience for digital exchange users.

Futures Trading and Much More

With Binance as a partner exchange, Cryptocurrencies.AI handles over $1 billion daily trading volume. To properly maintain such enormous trading levels, it has developed a robust infrastructure with many tools for users to capitalize on. 

On the CEX, users have access to both spot and futures trading. This allows anyone to seamlessly partake in live market trading, as well as take out long or short positions to reduce the risk of an investment position or to try and increase potential profits from price movements. Besides these traditional types of trading options, users can also opt to partake in Smart Trading. When using the Smart Trading feature, you get your own unique and customizable order entry capabilities. You can perform multiple trades at once using differing trading methods, such as buy or sell orders, stop losses, and taking profit, all in a single order entry.

The Cryptocurrencies.AI CEX comes chock full of additional features as well, with many focusing on optimized trading through market analysis. One example of this is trading view alert integration, which allows anyone to automate their trades. Somewhat akin to a stop loss, it allows the user to set trade to automatically execute once the chart reaches a specific market signal, making automatic trading straightforward. There are also advanced performance analysis metrics available to all users, allowing everyone to gain deeper insight into their trading patterns, techniques, and successes.

Take Advantage of Everything Cryptocurrencies.AI Offers Through Its DEX

Although offering an extremely powerful CEX, Cryptocurrencies.AI does not stop there. On its DEX, there is also spot trading, allowing for trading across scores of trading pairs without the requirement of third-party oversight or control. The DEX also offers many insightful analytical tools, with the ability to easily integrate Trading View alerts when an asset’s price hits different predetermined levels. 

The DEX has a number of unique features. For one, it offers users the opportunity to interact and trade with the exchange using their own wallet, never having to expose their private keys to a website. Cryptocurrencies.AI has its own native browser wallet, offering anyone the opportunity to instantly create or restore their wallet, interact with online cryptocurrency applications, and store various cryptocurrencies, all while controlling their private keys. With centralized exchanges regularly getting hacked and exposing their users’ funds to fraudsters, managing your private keys through a decentralized browser wallet is a great security precaution to protect your digital assets. 

Finally, the DEX offers an easy-to-use address book. With this tool, users can easily send cryptocurrencies to designated wallets that they regularly interact with, no longer having to input the address manually every time, mitigating the possibility of sending the tokens to the wrong address. Since the design of blockchain makes it almost impossible to recover funds sent to an incorrect address, this eliminates the need to put in a new withdrawal address every single time you want to move funds to a new wallet.

The signup and trading process are effortless with Cryptocurrencies.AI. Whether you use the DEX or CEX, there are only a few steps between setting up your account or wallet registration and executing your first trade. With everything wrapped up in an intuitive and easy to navigate UX, Cryptocurrencies.AI’s is one of the best options available for cryptocurrency traders of all ability levels.

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