Bitcoin Code Review 2020: Is it Legit?

There has never been a more exciting time to get involved with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading than now. In the wake of Facebook’s explosive news regarding the launch of their own digital token, Libra, more traders are rushing to get in on the action.

But one of the biggest questions traders and brokers that are new to the digital economy often have is this: which trading software platform is the “real deal” – a trustworthy place to learn the ropes while trading and making profits?

We have the answer for you: it is called Bitcoin Code. Bitcoin Code was developed by Steve McKay, formerly of Wall Street fame. Mr. McKay made his mark initially writing quantum code programming languages for trading digital currency and Bitcoin. Quantum code is the next generation of super-secure programming language to protect sensitive financial transactions taking place online.

Mr. McKay is the founder and creative brain behind Bitcoin Code, a truly unique Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading software platform that runs using its own proprietary algorithm. Using the same, yet enhanced, quantum cryptocurrency security that keeps “The Street” safe for traders every day, Mr. McKay designed Bitcoin Code to make the digital economy – the online Street – safe for traders in the United States, the United Kingdom and worldwide.

So what is Bitcoin Code, precisely? First and foremost, Bitcoin Code is NOT a scam. Every time a new software platform is designed and released, there will be a blowback from other platforms that do not want to lose traders and brokers to something newer and better that has learned from all who came before. Rest assured that Bitcoin Code, like Steve McKay himself, is a completely legitimate resource that is available for anyone who wants to get involved in bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading.

The crux of Bitcoin Code’s platform is the advanced cryptocurrency algorithm designed by Steve McKay. This algorithm can be operated in one of two modes: manual or automated. We will look at each option in more detail within the body of this review, but for now here is an overview of the difference:

Let’s say you want to design a website. You can choose between designing it using advanced programming code (which you first have to learn) or opting to use an intuitive platform that automates many of the standard website-building functions.

With the former option, you are building your website completely from scratch. With the latter option, you still have control of the finer points but the basics are taken care of by the software itself.

Which one will you choose?

With this analogy in mind, before we dive into the full review, here is a quick review:

What is Bitcoin Code?

It is a safe, legitimate online platform designed by Steve McKay. Bitcoin Code’s advanced in-house proprietary algorithm runs continuously to detect breaking trade opportunities.

Just how successful are Bitcoin Code’s traders and brokers?

Since its initial launch, Bitcoin Code’s software and proprietary algorithm have continuously generated an average success rate of 99.4 percent. What this means is that the typical Bitcoin Code user can realize profits of up to 99.4 percent without any prior experiencing in trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

In short, if your goal when entering the digital economy is to spend minimal time beefing up your knowledge and education regarding digital currencies, and Bitcoin and get to trading right away and seeing a return on your investment – then the Bitcoin Code algorithm can deliver.

So now let’s dive in and learn everything you need to know before starting to trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Code.

Bitcoin Code Review: Table of Contents

1    Is Bitcoin Code for Real or Is It a Scam?

  • 1.1 How Does it Work to Start Trading with the Bitcoin Code – What Is Required?
  • 1.1.1 1. What Is the Registration Process Like for a New Bitcoin Code User?
  • 1.1.2 2. How Does It Work to Fund Your Bitcoin Code Trading Account?
  • 1.1.3 3. How Long Will It Take to Start Seeing Profits From Trading with Bitcoin Code?

2 Special Expert Tips to Boost Your Trading Results When Using Bitcoin Code

3 In Summary: How to Know if Bitcoin Code Is the Right Trading Platform for You

Is Bitcoin Code for Real or Is it a Scam?

So let’s get right to it: the question that probably led you here to this review in the first place. Is Bitcoin Code for real or is it “just another one of those” Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading scams?

This is a really important question and a smart question to ask! Not all trading platforms are created equally and not all platforms can deliver on their claims.

What you need to know up front is this: Bitcoin Code has a high success rate (in terms of traders turning profits from trades in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency) because it is a well-built software program with an advanced quantum algorithm.

Bitcoin Code has a pedigree that “the others” don’t have. It was built and is still maintained to this day by creator and founder Steve McKay, former quantum code programmer for Wall Street. Bitcoin Code is the future of the “digital Street” and uses the most advanced security measures to protect sensitive financial data during trades and transactions in digital currencies.

There is a fine line between giving away trade secrets and leaving users to wonder if they are being “taken” by a scam artist. To address these concerns, founder and creator Steve McKay has offered an overview of how his proprietary algorithm works and why it is so successful while still keeping the details about exactly HOW it works in-house.

Here is why this balance is important. Imagine if you decide to buy a particular brand of vehicle. You have done all your research and this vehicle has the highest safety ratings. It is reliable, never breaks down and has excellent crash test ratings to protect your young children and your spouse. You decide this is the only vehicle for you and you are prepared to invest considerably to obtain all of its benefits.

You go to place your order and anticipate your new vehicle’s arrival. When it arrives, the car fails to deliver on its promises. It breaks down a lot. You are afraid to drive your family around. Finally, a minor fender bender totals it. You discover that the vehicle wasn’t really the “real” brand but a cheap knockoff made to look like that brand. You feel cheated and now you don’t know what brands you can trust.

Mr. McKay doesn’t want this to happen with Bitcoin Code. So he is happy to explain why the algorithm works but will not reveal what makes it work. This preserves the integrity of the Bitcoin Code platform itself and ensures it continues to be a trustworthy platform where new traders and brokers can realize profits right from day one.

So why exactly does Mr. McKay’s algorithm work so well – even for inexperienced Bitcoin and cryptocurrency traders?

Here is what Steve McKay says about how his algorithm works:

The software algorithm uses quantum programming techniques. If you are not familiar with quantum technology, this is the same technology that is now being used in data security, medicine, science, space exploration and other fields to predict needs and developments before they are readily apparent.

In these other fields, the advanced prediction capabilities of quantum programming language allows lives to be saved, breakthroughs to be made, new planets and solar systems to be explored.

In the field of cryptocurrency, these same advanced prediction capabilities allow trading opportunities to be detected in advance of when they would be readily visible to the general pool of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency traders.

In other words, the Bitcoin Code algorithm works with the principle of “time leap.” Time leap is a term that refers to stepping just a little bit – a micro-second – ahead of the general trend to predict what will occur right before it happens.

To be precise, the Bitcoin Code platform algorithm is able to stay continuously ahead of the cryptocurrency trading market by exactly 0.01 seconds.

Now, 0.01 seconds may not sound like a lot of time. But the phrase “a lot of time” is highly relative based on where it is being applied. Why is this sliver of time of 0.01 seconds so important in the field of cryptocurrency trading? It is because the digital economy is incredibly fast-paced. With that 0.01 second head start, Bitcoin Code users can jump on trading opportunities just slightly ahead of the general digital trading and brokerage community.

In a nutshell, this explains why Bitcoin Code itself is such a successful platform for its user base.

To further expand upon the time leap concept and why it is so critical to success in the lightning-speed digital economy, let’s take a look at what transpires right after you place a trade. The moment a trade is initiated using the Bitcoin Code algorithm, the signal is instantaneously transmitted via VPS (Virtual Private Server – the most secure internet signal available) to the marketplace. There is zero time lag. The signal is sent and arrives nearly simultaneously – a concept called “real time.”

This ensures you can fully capitalize on the trading opportunity that is about to unfold. When the trading opportunity becomes available in real time, your trade order is right there waiting in real time. Whatever opportunity the algorithm detects, you reap the full benefits of that trade opportunity.

This is best showcased when you choose to use Bitcoin Code in “automated” mode, since you are allowing the algorithm to literally generate your trade requests. This removes any lag time associated with you needing to be present to log on to the platform and manually execute a trade order.

As we mentioned earlier here, “manual” mode is typically used only by cryptocurrency trading experts with very specific trade needs or goals. Both are valid and potentially successful modes. But for the beginner, automated mode is designed to make 100 percent use of the algorithm’s lightning speed “time leap” technology.

As further verification of Bitcoin Code’s algorithm as a success measure in the digital trading industry, consider this: The UK Trading Association recently awarded the Bitcoin Code platform its highest award: being named “Number One” in one of its most competitive categories, that of “trading software.”

To summarize, Bitcoin Code offers each user, whether new or experienced, these verifiable four advantages:

– A heavily used platform with thousands of satisfied loyal users

– A creator steeped in the language of advanced quantum programming

– An algorithm that works as designed every time

– An award-winning platform on an international scale

Let’s take a more in-depth look at what happens first and next when you visit the Bitcoin Code platform.

What Is the Registration Process Like for a New Bitcoin Code User?

Trading with the Bitcoin Code is simple and straightforward. There are only 3 easy steps to start trading:

Step 1: Head over to the Bitcoin Code platform website

First, navigate to the newcomer form. You will be invited to complete this short form before you can request to join Bitcoin Code.

Joining Bitcoin Code is FREE. There are no fees. But you do need to register to verify you are a real person and not a spambot.

Once you have completed the form, which will only take a moment or two of your time, you will receive an invitation to join the Bitcoin Code private members area. You must accept this invitation in order to proceed to use Bitcoin Code’s proprietary algorithm to place your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trades.

Using Bitcoin Code’s platform and algorithm is FREE. There are no fees.

Step 2: How Does It Work to Fund Your Bitcoin Code Trading Account?

This is the exciting part – especially if this is your very first foray into trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

It is time to fund your account so you can start making trades in “automated” or “manual” mode.

The account funding minimum is very low – just $250 is required.

Funding your account is free. There are no fees.

When you feel like you have grasped the basics of how the cryptocurrency marketplace works, you may want to give manual mode a try as well. Then you have more of a base of comparison to see which feels right for your trading needs and profit goals.

In Summary: How to Know if Bitcoin Code Is the Right Trading Platform for You

Sometimes the only way to know for sure is to give it a try and see for yourself.

It is true new millionaires are made (not born) every day in the still-emerging cryptocurrency marketplace.

Part of taking advantage of these emerging opportunities is taking action. Choosing which platform to use is a huge part of your success, so choose with care.

Is Bitcoin Code the right software platform for you? Is the Bitcoin Code algorithm the right trading algorithm to deliver on your goals?

Here again, the only real way to know the answers to these questions is to give it a try.

Now you understand what Bitcoin Code is, what makes it run, how the algorithm can help you achieve cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trade success and profitability and what to do to get started.

The next step is yours to make!


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