2021 Innovative Ethereum Project – GOGO Finance Brings DeFi & Lottery

As part of the predictions from 2021, this year we expect to see great and smart innovations in the DeFi Space and GOGO Finance is one of the innovative projects to be on the look-out for. Imagine the revenue that could be generated from DefI + Lottery together all in one place?

As part of the economic strategy to increase the chances of success for this experiment, the team has followed a very basic demand and supply rule  – when the supply is low and the demand is high, the price is expected to shoot up. While demand for the token increases from the lottery side of the project, the value of the token is expected to shoot up because the total supply is low – which is just 2,650 tokens out of which 500 will be burnt after presales. All unsold tokens will be burnt too in-order to reduce circulating supply.

See Tokenomics & more details below:

Token Name: GOGO Finance

Token Ticker: GOGO

Token Type: ERC20

Total Supply: 2,650

Presales Round 1 Allocation — 1,000 Tokens

Presales Round 1 Price — Approx. $59.5 (1eth — 20 GOGO)

Presales Round 2 Price — Approx. $85.0 (1eth — 14 GOGO)

Presales Round 1 End Date: Jan 16th, 2021

Presales Round 2 End Date: Jan 22nd, 2021

Minimum Order — 0.05ETH

Uniswap Listing Price — $119 (1eth — 10 GOGO) x2 of Round 1 Price

Uniswap Listing — Immediately After Completion of Presales Round 2

Uniswap Listing Date — January 23, 2021

Exchange Listing — After Completion of Uniswap Listing, Coinmarketcap & Coingecko Listing

Exchange Listing Price — $250

Exchange Listing Price — x5 of Presale Price

Exchanges Applied — Hotbit, Probit, Cointiger, MXC & More To Be Added As Ecosystem Grows & Project Progresses

Estimated Date of First Lottery Prize Pool For GOGO Holders is scheduled to hold on Valentines Day — February 14 to show how much we love our community and holders of the GOGO tokens.

Rewards will be in Ethereum & GOGO Tokens as more trading pairs get added to the ecosystem.


To join the GOGO Community of holders and be a part of the first most innovative DeFi + Lottery Ecosystem, Please follow the steps below:

Send ETH to wallet address below:


Once you send ETH to the wallet address above, equivalent GOGO tokens will be sent to the wallet address you made a deposit with. We advise that you only send from a non-custodial wallet e.g MEW, Trust Wallet, Meta mask wallet. Please do not send from exchanges so you can receive your tokens on time.

Join Telegram community here — http://t.me/gogofinance

Get Yourself Locked In Now on the next biggest innovation in crypto!

GOGO Finance will have all the standard features of a DeFi platform which means you will be able to farm, stake, and earn rewards but in this case, your rewards will be coming from multiple sources. It’s like earning yields from different sources at the same time as well as the possibility and chances of winning the lottery prize money in addition to DeFi yields.

Other Details:

  • Visit the website today — www.gogo.finance
  • Medium — https://gogofinance.medium.com/
  • Connect with us on telegram http://t.me/gogofinance
  • Twitter — http://twitter.com/gogofinance

Don’t be left out and don’t miss out on this opportunity to tap into the birth of another great and giant industry just waiting to explode.

Join the Telegram group now to get started!

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