Why Cryptocurrency Casinos Should Be Part Of GamStop?

As the popularity of the gambling industry in the UK grows every day, the number of people struggling with gambling disorders rises. Currently, more than 340000 people are dealing with gambling-related issues, and considering the addictive nature of gambling, the only way out would be to create a better future for the already suffering people. Spreading the idea of self-exclusion, encouraging the habit of self-detection when it comes to gambling addiction, and taking a step to correct it are some of the extremely effective ways to put an end to gambling-related problems.  

GamStop is one such self-exclusion service that can be of immense importance to these people suffering from gambling addiction. The solution to getting over any addiction is primarily detachment from the addiction itself. So that when the itch reoccurs to go back to the same self-destructive habit, there is something resisting the contact. Online programs like GamStop acts as a barrier between the addicted gambler and the gambling sites online, resisting them from going back to the same harmful pattern.

About GamStop

GamStop is regarded as the preliminary step to take after the detection of gambling problems. The service is available for free within the boundaries of the UK hence GamStop is a valid tool that promotes safe gambling practices with the help of the UK government. GamStop phase and independently operating self-exclusion scheme helping vulnerable campers in taking control of their situations and practice safe gambling. 

Gambling is linked with high impulsivity and hence needs to be taken care of as soon as it is detected. A registered gambler is free to choose the self-exclusion span according to his wish. During the entire self-exclusion span it is impossible to lift the ban until the period expires. In order to function legally, every UK-based operator has to abide by the GamStop rules, or else the UKGC holds the power to rebuke their license.

Cryptocurrency Gambling

There are several features of cryptocurrency gambling that make it an easy escape route for people restricted by any self-exclusion scheme. According to the experts,  the cryptocurrency industry and the gambling industry are interdependent on each other. People can stay anonymous and place their bets without feeling worried about disclosed identity. Cryptocurrency gambling requires a very simple process of KYC that does not include the incorporation of identity details. Because of this fact, NonStopCasino found that casinos not on GamStop are the main reason for GamStop users to flock over Cryptocurrency casinos as a safe haven to place bets. 

Due to the switch functioning of blockchain, it allows easy and quick transactions to flow and as a result, punters prefer using cryptocurrency over other currencies.   These cryptocurrency sites are not bound by jurisdictions and hence possess no limitations for punters all over the world to access.

No GamStop without ID

In order to have access to GamStop services, a punter requires a valid ID to continue with the registration process. This is very much unlike cryptocurrency gambling websites. Since the cryptocurrency gambling sites are not associated with GamStop services, the players do not require a valid ID to create accounts on these websites. This creates the way for UK punters to escape GamStop exclusion. The cryptocurrency gambling websites only require the blockchain registry to carry out the operations.  Although there are certain steps to complete the registration before having access to the crypto casino,  it is not as detail-oriented as it is for other websites. 

Using VPN is another way of adding discreteness to the game which may make cryptocurrency gambling websites a very attractive option to UK customers that prefer the BTC option.

Reason to use GamStop while still Reaching Out for Loopholes

People who are already registered under GamStop and are searching for loopholes to get a taste of gambling activities are especially the ones who are at a low to moderate risk level and have not completely gotten into the state of the desperation of radically leaving gambling for good. They have not yet come to experience the drastic ill effects of gambling issues. People often find themselves with lingering urges which leads them into searching for loopholes. 

Arriving at a Conclusion

Cryptocurrency gambling is undoubtedly one of the prominent aspects of the future of gambling.  It is impossible to overlook the positive effect of this innovative step. Parallelly it is impossible to disregard the fact that GamStop users are using this class of casino as an easy loophole. In order to effectively impose protection on vulnerable gamblers, a collaboration of GamStop with cryptocurrency casinos is indispensable for the sake of UK citizens.

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