Wallet Crypto Red (WCR) Review: An Anonymous Crypto Wallet with a Mixer, Swapping Tool, and a Message Encrypting Service

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James Baldwin once said experience is a private, very largely private affair. And he was not wrong. Interacting with a product, an app–especially when crypto is in the mix–, lacks descriptive superlatives. It has to be felt and experienced firsthand because it gives an incredible feel, a gush.

When interacting with the Wallet Crypto Red (WCR), the first impression is the beautiful wireframing and the color mix with its minimalist blend. 

Rightfully so. 

It bodes well with cryptocurrency users hopping from one protocol to another, looking for a convenient wallet that offers much more than the security of assets. The portal provides swapping, and even assistance in ATM selection ought to be straight to the point. 

I found it with Wallet Crypto Red or WCR. 

Getting Started with Wallet Crypto Red (WCR)

For starters, WCR provides an anonymous wallet for users and is free. 

That means, besides the in-built cryptography shielding user identity via any public chain, the protocol has gone an extra length, incorporating mixers for another protective layer while being public

This way, the user would be guaranteed security of their assets and their details protected not only as they store assets but in other subsequent operations they might partake in.

As mentioned higher, the contrast in coloration and wireframing calms the trader. At the same time, the minimalist, clutter-free interface ensures fast navigation. 

Laid out on the left side of the frame is the Dashboard, coins, and the product offers. 

WCR offers three primary services; crypto mixing, coin swapping, and ATM mapping. 

There are also two tools intertwined with WCR’s services directly advancing their privacy drive. There are the Crypt and Scan tools accessible via a dropdown under the “Tools” tab. 

Coins Supported and WCR Services

Clicking on the “Dashboard” directs the user to the homepage, where on the bottom right, a user can click through to open an account. 

Cycling to the “All Coins” Tab, there is a list of coins supported, complete with relevant metrics. These include daily, weekly, monthly, and year changes and their respective market caps. Thus far, WCR supports five crypto projects—Bitcoin, DASH, DOGE, Litecoin, and V.SYSTEMS. 

The cool part about this is the ranking elucidates coins’ performance over a select range—daily or weekly. With the fast-moving pace of crypto, this summary is convenient for users who would love to scan the performance of their assets straight from the portal.

It gets interesting on the “Trade” tab, where the account user can use any offered solutions. There is the option of topping up an account from an exchange—or any other source. Changelly is recommended for privacy efforts and since they also support credit card purchase—a big plus. 

WCR uses Blender as their coin mixing agent. The solution is one of the most popular mixing platforms and is easy to get started. A crypto mixer obfuscates the source of funds besides making it incredibly hard for two wallets to be linked. To access this feature, a new address is generated and inputted into Blender’s Receiver’s BTC address. The mixer charges roughly 1.30 percent. 

To swap tokens, one has to click on “swap” on the dropdown. Here, WCR has partnered with SwapSpace.co for better rates. To swap DOGE for BTC, the amount of DOGE to be exchanged must be indicated. Afterward, the user clicks on the “View Offer” button to select the exchange of choice before inputting the address of BTC in any of the chosen exchanges/wallets. 

To encrypt and decrypt messages in WCR, a user navigates to the Tool tab. From the dropdown, there is the Crypt button. Encrypting a message is easy. All that’s needed is the message to be sent and the recipient’s public address key. Decrypting the same requires the public key and the private keys linked to the message. Pressing the auto-fill keys button automatically populates keys into WCR’s cryptographic system. 

Users who want to cash out can click on the “ATM” tab. They will be directed to Coin ATM Radar and guided to the nearest crypto ATM to trade for cash.


WCR is a decent wallet, by all means, timely released when crypto is picking up steam. There might be a few minor improvements, say on instructions to use and coin support. As an open-source project, freely available to everyone, the team is doing a good job. In the future, there could be more mixing or swapping partners with even more users using their crypt portal.

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