Vodafone Partners Block Gemini to Tap Blockchain for Digital Recruitment Processes

Vodafone inks alliance with Block Gemini to leverage blockchain to streamline the digital recruitment processes.

Using Blockchain to Simplify Recruitment

According to a report by tahawultech.com technology start-up Block Gemini has entered into a partnership with telecommunications behemoth Vodafone’s offshoot – Vodafone Procurement Company (VPC) – to tap distributed ledger technology (DLT) to further develop digital recruitment processes.

Specifically, the partnership will see Block Gemini deliver a blockchain solution to aid Vodafone’s transformation into a digital procurement company. Per sources close to the matter, the proposed solution will replace traditional manual processes by introducing a single source of accurate real-time pricing information, and can also generate valuable data insights into pricing trends and market comparisons.

Commenting on the development, Tolga Tomruk, COO, VPS, noted:

“By introducing hyper-automation capabilities enabled by Blockchain technology, we will transform the way we collaborate and agree commercial terms with our suppliers.”

For the uninitiated, through this partnership, Block Gemini becomes the latest entity to join Vodafone-backed innovation centre called “Tomorrow Street,” as a blockchain solutions provider.

Tomorrow Street is a joint venture between Vodafone and Technoport – a Luxembourg-based government incubator. Tomorrow Street has won multiple awards to date and is recognized as a pioneering model enabling Vodafone to deliver innovation quickly and effectively for its customers and partners.

Chris Fernandez, CEO, Block Gemini, said:

“Block Gemini is now a proud member of Tomorrow Street and Vodafone. We look forward to bringing industry-focused and enterprise-centric Blockchain innovations to Europe in partnership with Tomorrow Street.”

Blockchain for Recruitment

Among its several other use-cases, blockchain technology has been touted as a major disruptor in the human resources and recruitment space.

Earlier this year, BTCManager reported that Cornerstone, the National Student Clearinghouse, a trusted source for degree verification and enrollment verification, Velocity Career Labs, Upwork, SAP, and 11 other highly-reputed human resources management platforms have come together to launch a blockchain-powered non-profit dubbed Velocity Network Foundation.

The primary objective of the non-profit is to create an open-source blockchain-based credentialing platform called the “Internet of Careers.”

Similarly, in February, BTCManager reported that Dutch human resources firm Randstad had started testing a combination of the Cypherium blockchain network and Google Cloud to better match talent to corporate needs.

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