UAS Government – The Best Hope of a Free and Prosperous Nation

The United Allied States (U.A.S.), under the presidency of Mr. Stephen McCullah, strives to bring freedom and prosperity to its citizens. The entity intends to set up a government that improves lives by offering unparalleled freedom and defending the innocent. Africa, compared to other regions, is underdeveloped and poorly governed. 

The United Allied States plans to remedy this plight through its foundations of fairness and prosperity. Its priorities lie in guaranteeing its citizens the best possible living environment.

What constitutes freedom? Why should citizens be concerned with national prosperity? Principally, the philosophy of the U.A.S. nation’s independence is based on the sovereignty of a country being in the hands of its citizens. 

The U.A.S. Government Freedom Principles

The concepts and ideas around freedom resist a narrow definition. Therefore, the United Allied States has an extensive set of principles for preserving its citizens’ individual and economic freedom. The entity believes in the rights of its citizens to decide for themselves how to direct their lives. Throughout history, governments have taken actions that rise above the necessary levels of interference and end up infringing on their people’s freedom. 

The U.A.S. has learned from these mistakes and is presenting Africa a chance for a fresh start. That said, its mission to preserve and protect individual rights guided by the four principles of economic freedom.

Rule of Law

The United Allied States is a champion for consistent and systematic enforcement of a well functioning legal framework. They aim to observe the fundamental democratic principles to protect all citizens’ rights against infringement, attack, and abuse.

Africa’s judicial systems don’t have the best track record, which inadvertently affects the continent’s advancement. A government such as the U.A.S., that has an effective legal system in place, has already laid the foundation for economic growth.

A fair and just government empowers citizens to become more productive because they are assured no toleration of discrimination. The government provides a platform for prosperity and growth that advances the state.

To showcase complete openness and government integrity, the U.A.S. has partnered with Apollo Fintech. Apollo is a blockchain-based company set to handle most of the governmental systems and create its national currency. Blockchain technology ensures that all transactions are entirely open to the public and are traceable through well-recorded ledgers. The technology is unhackable and has the capability of smoothly running governmental departments.

Market Openness

The U.A.S plans to use free-market economic principles to generate new levels of prosperity and freedom among its citizens. An open market system allows nations to freely interact with other countries in the glocal market without restrictions. Unfortunately, most of the trade opportunities in Africa are hindered by high trading tariffs and taxes.

The new government plans to open up these restrictions and compete globally to dominate the market. It will, therefore, lead to increased production in high-quality goods at affordable prices. Furthermore, the U.A.S. is committed to giving entrepreneurs the necessary tools and freedoms needed to succeed through investments. 

Market openness will give citizens more job opportunities and increase the economic growth of the state.

Moreover, the United Allied States plan to have an investment framework that gives individuals and companies the freedom to choose their craft. A healthy inflow and outflow of capital in the market encourages growth and development.

Government Size

Government spending is a necessary part of any country’s infrastructure and development. However, African governments are notorious for taking high shares of individual incomes and excessively spending funds. The U.A.S. is ready to change this unfortunate norm by letting its citizens keep a larger share of their income to maximize economic freedom. The higher and individuals reward for their economic activity, the more motivated they are to work harder.

Furthermore, blockchain technology will ensure all government expenditures are traceable and open to the public. The United Allied States is ready for regular federal auditing with blockchain in its administration.

Regulatory Efficiency

The U.A.S. is ready to give businesses the freedom they need to thrive and eventually dominate the global economy. An individual’s economic independence is expressed in their ability to run their business without unnecessary interference from the government. Undue regulations can discourage citizens from starting up businesses or exploring new ventures in the market.

Furthermore, the United Allied States is committed to improving the labor force and promoting labor freedom by educating all their children. Diversifying the labor force through education will create a wider pool of job opportunities for its citizens. 


The U.A.S. has put a lot of thought and research into the fundamentals of its governance structure and principles. Individual and economic freedom are the differences between governments that thrive and those that remain in poverty. The United Allied Nations have recognized this power in economic freedom and are ready to apply it to the new state. Financial freedom is more far-reaching than the growth of business and entrepreneurship, it seeps into all facets of a nation. Countries that observe these principles are well on their way to securing the prosperity of its economy and its people.

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