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Mati Greenspan’s Quantum Economics has teamed up with Coingape to provide expert analysis of crypto market trends, project research, and more. The former eToro analyst, who has since started up his own advisory agency, is one of the best-known crypto commenters. His soundbites are commonly found in industry publications such as CoinDesk and as well as financial news sites like Bloomberg, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal.

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The partnership between Greenspan and Coingape shows how far the Indian news site has come in a short space of time. The media organization launched in early 2018 and swiftly built up a loyal readership thanks to the quality and originality of its reporting. Coingape has managed to carve out a niche for itself by crafting easily digestible articles that cover the latest developments from across the cryptosphere.

The addition of commentary from Mati Greenspan and his team will enhance the quality of Coingape’s coverage and supply actionable insights to readers who are regular market traders. Few analysts in the space have more experience than Greenspan, whose technical analysis is usually on the money.

Quantum Economics Extends Its Reach

Quantum Economics is best known for its crypto commentary, usually provided by Mati Greenspan, but the firm covers much more than digital assets. Its expertise extends to all financial markets and includes money management tips. The events of this year, which have thrown the global economy into a state of shock, have provided no shortage of talking points, resulting in heightened demand for Quantum’s services.

Announcing the deal with Coingape, Quantum Economics founder Mati Greenspan said: “We feel strongly there is a huge potential for digital asset disruption in India, and this partnership with the leading crypto publication in the country puts us in an excellent position to captivate this budding audience.”

Bitcoin Gives Technical Analysts Plenty to Ponder

Mati Greenspan’s appointment with Coingape to provide market commentary arrives at a decisive time for bitcoin. Having been trapped in a narrow range since May, marking its lowest volatility in two years, BTC broke out of the low $9,000s on July 20 and has been upward bound ever since. While a bitcoin breakout was always coming, analysts were fiercely divided over whether that move would be up or down.

Greenspan is known as a bitcoin bull, but tempers his predictions with cautious optimism, unlike some analysts and fund managers who are prone to dispensing six-figure price predictions for BTC on a whim, only to later backtrack. While divining the trajectory of cryptocurrencies using technical analysis is not a perfect science, charting patterns can provide an indication of which way the momentum is leading.

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