Global Blockchain Summit Establishes Women In Blockchain Panel

The world of cryptocurrency has taken a great step in the right direction, by introducing women in their blockchain panel.

Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency market is still incredibly male dominated, and women are often not taken as seriously in the field, so this is great news. The Global Blockchain Summit which is due to take place in Aurora on the 19th and 20th April will feature all things blockchain, hyperledger, distributed ledger, Ethereum and Fintech, but the main feature is set to be the ‘Women In Blockchain’ panel, which places much needed focus on diversity, equality, and women who are leading in this growing space.

You rarely hear about the women who actually play a really important part in the development of blockchain and the crypto market, as it is still very much a ‘man’s game’, but the panel will feature high profile and prominent female figures and leading experts from across the globe. The speakers will include; Caroline Abenante – the founder of NYIAX, Pamela Norton – founder and CDEO of Borsetta, Youngsook Park – the co-chair of the Global ICO Association, Emily ShapeShift – the CMO of ShapeShift AG, Nina Nichols – founder of Global Women in Blockchain, Lindsey Galloway – CMO Rebel Al, and Kristen Ragusin – the founder of Jai Bolo Project.

The sad reality is that this summit alone will not be enough for this market to completely eliminate sexism, and it is one of the few markets still to be so obviously male dominated, but it is definitely a step in the right direction. There are a huge number of women who are making a great difference to this field, and by having an all female panel to promote this, will help people to see this.

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