It's Easy to Start Your Own Online Casino with ZeroEdge White Label Solutions

ZeroEdge online casino has created an entirely new way to gamble online and is set to forever change the way that the online casino industry is currently run. ZeroEdge is a revolutionary new concept which is in line with the current number of significant changes that have occurred on the internet over past few years.

Included as part of its expansion plan into the online casino industry, ZeroEdge is offering a white label solution to prospective casino owners, looking to get into the online casino industry on the ground floor. Let’s take a closer look at how the ZeroEdge concept works and how you can start your very own online casino in just 5 minutes.

The ZeroEdge Gambling Concept in a Nutshell

ZeroEdge Bet is an entirely new way to gamble online that has never been tried before. This new concept in online gambling is set to completely disrupt the online gambling industry as we know it. To better understand the ZeroEdge gambling concept, we first have to take a quick look at how online gambling currently works.

Online casinos operate on a principle known as the house edge or house advantage. The house edge is essentially a built-in advantage sown into every casino or gambling game played online. This basically means that the casino will always win, regardless of the skill of the player or the strategy applied. In other words, the house edge is an unfair system that always tips the balance in favor of the house (casino).

Here’s where ZeroEdge is doing things differently. ZeroEdge is so named because it removes the house edge from all of its casino games. This means that every casino game that you play at ZeroEdge Bet is a 0% house edge game, with no built-in advantage to the house, leaving the playing field completely level.

The idea is revolutionary and it is not only making waves within the industry, it is attracting the attention of both experience and brand new online gamblers. Taking it a step further, ZeroEdge isn’t even using conventional currencies to power their online casino games. Instead, ZeroEdge has tapped into an entirely new currency stream – cryptocurrency. Zerocoin is the currency of ZeroEdge casino and it is the only way that gamblers can play their games. The beauty of this is that, as the demand for ZeroEdge gaming and Zerocoin increases, so the value of Zerocoin itself increases.

How ZeroEdge White Label Makes Owning Your Own Casino Easy

ZeroEdge is a fully formed online casino platform with a full white label solution that makes it easy to own your own online casino. Everything is in place for you, the infrastructure, the support, and the 0% house edge casino games. All that you have to do is visit the ZeroEdge website and fill in ZeroEdge white label online casino application form. The process is simple although support is on hand at any time should you need some assistance or guidance. Once the application process is completed, you will need to invest in Zerocoin to bankroll your new ZeroEdge online casino. The entire process is streamlined and simple and is designed to get you going in just 5 minutes.

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