DAOLaunch Boosts the Rise of Decentralized Venture Capitalism

DAOLaunch is a decentralized platform developed to revolutionize the way Venture Capital works today by making it easier, faster, and more innovative while linking start-ups with investors into the blockchain system.  

On the way to a new era of potential projects and initiatives to revolutionize the crypto area to crypto world, DAOLaunch came with wonderful news to their users, consisting of three new crypto market collaborations. All three events will be in November 2021, on 17, 18, and 19, with the TrustPad as the first partnership, followed by the BSC Station and Gate.io. 

The main problems on Venture Capitalism

Venture Capital is the driving force behind several billion-dollar businesses located in Silicon Valley. At some point, most companies turn to venture capital to raise the funds they need to elevate their business to the next level. 

But there is also an ugly side to this story: most investments are undertaken in a private environment, and not everyone has access to this type of investment. 

That is not all; large corporations can leverage capital by using their network and brand to negotiate better investment terms and generate significant ROI. After years of dealing with such issues, the system found its solution through DAOLaunch, which devised a way to provide an open and transparent environment for investors and start-ups.  

The demand for a democratic and practical start-up investment method has finally arrived. It is beginning to perform an excellent job of attracting investors and individuals eager to see a difference made in the VC.  

DAOLaunch Economy

DAOLaunch distinguishes itself from existing competitor platforms by introducing new products and services for both members and investors, helping them grow. But to take part in the DAOLaunch project individuals have to first purchase the DAL, which is the main currency of the ecosystem. The coin has a total quantity of 6 million and an initial market valuation of $283,014 based on a price of one dollar per token. Its token utility is further subdivided as:  

Mint DVC-NFT: Individuals can mint a DVC-NFT using just one DAL token. The DAL supply will be reduced as token demand rises.  

Branding as an investor: Any investor can brand themselves as a Decentralized Venture Capitalist to negotiate better investment allocation seed prices and enjoy other exclusive benefits typically granted to venture capitalists.  

Governance Rights: Users can vote and decide which start-ups should receive IBO.  

Farm Limited NFT: Farm limited NFT with DAL farming points earned by staking DAL/DAL-LP.  

On DVC-NFT, users can construct a portfolio: DVC-NFTs allow anybody to deposit/withdraw any ERC-20 asset into an NFT; all seed tokens earned on DAOLaunch are instantly put into DVC-NFT and turned into the user’s seed index portfolio.  

Increase your profits by trading/lending VC series: The DVC-NFT has a blockchain investment record. The token index portfolio allows for better investment terms, such as holding a VC business on the NFT. Through this feature, users can earn extra money by trading/lending on VC Entity on the DAOLaunch NFT marketplace.  

Other features  

Other than the previously mentioned features, DAOLaunch’s new VC system offers many others. The platform was created for start-ups and investors to create a perfect environment where everyone can win something.  

For start-ups, there are services for: 

– Tokens/NFTs; 

– Professional token sale pitch screening;  

– Safe liquidity/tokenomics with a smart contract;  

– Quickly setting up NFT farming pool/store for token holders   

They also provide a Decentralized VC voting ability for investors to choose highlighted start-ups. DAOLaunch offers retail investors attractive investment terms based on their voting/investing success on the blockchain.  

Because all transactions take place on-chain, recorded investments cannot be edited. Investors in DAOLaunch can refer to themselves as Decentralized Venture Capitalists and, like traditional VCs, bargain for better investment terms. 

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