Crypto Exchange Bitrue Launches Premium Listing Track for New Generation Blockchain Projects

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One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by reported trading volume Bitrue today announced its support for a swathe of upcoming innovative blockchain projects which include the ones related to leading blockchains such as Solana, Cardano, Hedera Hashgraph, and XinFin.

Offering Premium Listing Tracks to Innovative Projects

In a bid to bootstrap the adoption of promising projects in different blockchain ecosystems, Bitrue will offer a premium listing track to such projects that require no listing or marketing fees. These projects will be able to list themselves on the exchange within a few days, the announcement reads.

This development and commitment to projects with potential come shortly after the Bitrue community’s request to list promising coins from specific chains.

More than a whopping 220,000 Solana supporters voiced their support for their favorite projects which prompted Bitrue to announce the premium listing track for new generation blockchain projects.

Commenting on the development, Adam O’Neill, Chief Marketing Officer, Bitrue, said:

“For years we’ve seen Ethereum dominate as a platform, it was the default chain to use whenever a company was thinking about developing a new token. For the first time though they have some serious competition with this new generation of platforms, and the groundswell from their respective communities is too big to ignore.”


“At Bitrue we’re pleased to say that we’re well underway with developing technical support for these chains, and we have reached out to dozens of potential new partners already to see if we can bring their coins to the Bitrue platform for trading, investments, loans and more.”

Listings Already Underway

Wasting no time, Bitrue has already commenced listings under the premium listing track with the first project being the DeFi coin ROPE which is available for trade at Bitrue in the ROPE/USDT pair from July 12 onwards.

While future community votes to list more coins on Bitrue will continue to be held, they will be exclusive to only the holders of Bitrue’s platform token BTR.

What’s more, BTR holders will be able to stake individual BTR to represent one vote and also stand a chance to win rewards of the coin they voted for assuming the coin meets the voting criteria to join Bitrue.

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