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According to a press release published by Accesswire on September 18, a new project called Angelium is trying to connect the real-world with a virtual world through an online game platform based on blockchain.

Merge Between Virtual and Real

The concept of  “Cross Reality”, or the connection of the real world with the virtual world, has so far been achieved only in science fiction classics such as Ready Player One and The Matrix. However, in recent years and with the exponential development of technology, this concept seems to be gradually becoming concrete in society.

Angelium, a cross-reality platform developed by “No Borders Corporation”, offers users an interactive lifestyle between the real world and the virtual world based on its own blockchain technology. Angelium allows users to build, interact and directly enjoy virtual reality with the ability to interact later with the real world. In particular, users can use the tokens obtained within the game in the real world, or sell real objects within the virtual space.

The goal is precisely to create a convergence between reality and virtual reality, exploiting advanced technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) that allows users to deploy assets or objects of a virtual world in a real-world.

How it Began

Rio Takeshi Kubo, the founder of the project, has a very special history. Rio was born as a fairly successful music producer and DJ; in fact he completed a world tour with more than 200 stages and later focused on entrepreneurial projects with the company No Borders.

Rio has focused its efforts on studying the convergence between reality and virtual reality, a sector that he believes will become one of the main interests of the next generation. For this reason, in the summer of 2018, he started the ICO of Angelium.

After a year of fundraising, the first results begin to appear. In July of this year, he completed the “Angelium Wallet”, the core part of the platform which enables users to interact between realities, while also releasing a beta version of the service.

The next objectives instead concern the introduction of more advanced functions such as exchanges, VR theaters for 4D experience, Smart cloud funding, and AR games. The ultimate goal would be to fully-integrate 3D reality in order to really experience the cross reality feature.

Surely this project is bringing more facts than words in respect to other blockchain game projects, although it remains to be seen how much this “Metaverse” is achievable.

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