Amazon Making Blockchain Mainstream – Opinion

So by now we have all heard of Amazon’s AWS blockchain templates. But what does this really mean to the world of blockchain technology?

I’ll keep it simple. It’s fantastic news. But why? Well, if you haven’t taken the time to properly have a look, their off the shelf frameworks designed to work with the likes of ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric allow for super-fast deployment of a blockchain network, either public or more private with the Hyperledger.  One question I have is, will the platform be built on other potential platforms like the greatly awaited EOS, dubbed as the potential ethereum killer?

You have to ask yourself, AWS would only launch a blockchain framework for one reason and one reason only – they believe that blockchain is a future mainstream platform and when one of the largest, most successful online companies of all time does that, you may as well take that as a solid market indicator.

This is a huge step towards bringing blockchain to every possible application, such as healthcare, logistics, recruitment and many other usable everyday processes where secured ledger technology can enhance and improve.

For those of us in the crypto, token, ICO space, you could allow us a selfish moment of glee when we say this is brilliant news for the entire community.  Anyone who is currently going through the process of an ICO raise and is building their blockchain platform on the ERC-20 will know that Amazon’s use and further mainstreaming of this blockchain can only mean one thing for the value of ethereum… UP.

But let’s look at it from a less selfish point of view. Mainstream mass application blockchain services and templates from AWS will spring a raft of new platforms that will improve the lives of each and every one of us. Sounds far-fetched, but it really isn’t. Remember how the Internet revolutionized our lives? Well, in a less in your face fashion, blockchain will incrementally improve many of the services we use.

Another question you have to ask yourself is if a mainstream brand like Amazon is doing this, who else is going to bring blockchain to the forefront of the development world?  Both Oracle and IBM have developed their own blockchain platforms. However, it has received quite the public reception that Amazon has, and arguably it’s because Amazon is a far heavier consumer-facing brand.

What you can assume from this is that other mainstream tech companies will surely follow suit and create their own development and product enhancement services as these giants compete to be the major blockchain frameworks.  

All in all, this only further supports the inevitable growth of the blockchain, crypto, ICO and token market.  If there ever was a time to start paying attention to this industry, it is now.

From my side, I am very excited and looking forward to what the blockchain world can expect from the rest of 2018.

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