Virtual Crypto Technologies Launches NetoBit Cash Tablet

Israeli start-up Virtual Crypto Technologies Ltd. has launched a tablet device called “NetoBit Cash” that allows the purchase, sale, and conversions of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in retail points of sale, e-commerce websites and online shops.

Virtual Crypto is developer of software and hardware for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies through ATMs, tablets, PCs and or mobile devices. NeoBit is its first product launch in a series of software and hardware products under development.

The tablet device enables retailers, e-commerce players, online shops and other businesses worldwide to securely receive payments in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in real time. It is claimed that the speed of the transaction on the platform protects it against exchange rate volatility and guarantees transactions up to a value of $3,000.

The retailer can choose whether to accept the payment in a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, or immediately convert it through NetoBit Cash into regular fiat currency, which will be transferred to the retailers account.

The company intends to target its products at small and mid-sized businesses such as cafés, restaurants, shops and enterprises, such as airlines and tourism companies as well as government agencies and payment gateways.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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