Top Ten Countries With The Highest Density Of Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are popping up around the globe – and with high frequency in some unexpected places. In certain areas, Bitcoin ATMs replace the need to buy from a cryptocurrency broker on your phone or laptop.

Currently, you can find Bitcoin ATMs in 67 countries. Often, you’ll see that public and private pro-cryptocurrency initiatives accompany a high Bitcoin ATM density. Let’s look and see which countries have the highest concentration of Bitcoin ATMs per million residents.

The top ten are listed below. A table with the full results follows.

1. Anguilla – 666.7 per million residents

Bitcoin ATMs per million: 666.7
Number of Bitcoin ATMs: 1
Population: 15,000

Located in the middle of the Caribbean, you might associate Anguilla with snorkeling and pristine beaches – not Bitcoin. So, it may surprise you to hear that the government was the first to lead initial coin offering (ICO) regulations in late 2017. The hope was to create a harbor and lure startups to the island, a common trend among Caribbean islands.

The capital, The Valley, is home to the country’s only Bitcoin ATM. The next closest ATM is a plane ride away in La Romana, Dominican Republic.

2. San Marino – 33.3 ATMs per million residents

Bitcoin ATMs per million: 33.3
Number of Bitcoin ATMs: 1
Population: 30,000

The microstate, completely surrounded by Italy, takes the number two spot. If you haven’t heard, this tiny republic recently announced plans to become the next blockchain hub. They plan to partner with an Estonian tech group to build the infrastructure. Pretty cool news for the oldest country in the world.

The only ATM is in Dogana. Dogana’s in the northeastern region of San Marino.

3. Liechtenstein – 25 ATMs per million residents

Bitcoin ATMs per million: 25
Number of Bitcoin ATMs: 1
Population: 40,000

Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in the world – in both population and landmass. So, of course, 1 Bitcoin ATM drastically changes their ranking. But, because its so small, its denizens are never more than eight miles away from an ATM.

Recently, the government has boasted that it will not overly regulate Bitcoin, making it an attractive option for residents. A local bank even allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies – the first bank in the world to do so.

The sole ATM is in Raduz – the capital on the Rhine River. You’ll find it in a jewelry shop in the city.

4. Austria – 17.6 ATMs per million residents

Bitcoin ATMs per million: 17.6
Number of Bitcoin ATMs: 153
Population: 8,700,000

Coming back from a huge Bitcoin scam in early 2018, Austria now seeks to better regulate the cryptocurrency. All 153 Bitcoin ATMs are staying for now, though.

ATMs are scattered throughout each major city.  Vienna has the most – 59, Graz has 26, and Innsbruck has 19.

5. Canada – 13.6 ATMs per million residents

Bitcoin ATMs per million: 13.6
Number of Bitcoin ATMs: 493
Population: 36,300,000

Canadians go crazy over Bitcoin. Over the last year, Canadians jumped into the markets and some have even said Canada might be the next mining hotspot. Although sixth on this list, Canada takes the second spot for the number of ATMs in its country – a staggering 493.

You’ll find the highest concentration of ATMs along the Canadian-US border. Each province has at least five ATMs, but you won’t find any in the northern territories.

6. Guam – 12.5 ATMs per million residents

Bitcoin ATMs per million: 12.5
Number of Bitcoin ATMs: 2
Population: 160,000

Tucked away in the Pacific Ocean near the Philippines and Indonesia, Guam may be the most remote island in the ranks. The US territory is also the 25th least populated nation in the world.

Both ATMs can be found on the central western coast within mere miles of each other. The first is in Tamuning and the other is in the Dededo, the capital city.

7. Aruba – 10 ATMs per million residents

Bitcoin ATMs per million: 10
Number of Bitcoin ATMs: 1
Population: 100,000

With 10 ATMs per million, Aruba takes the seventh spot. It ranks because it’s just like the other tiny island nations with one ATM and a small population. But, it makes sense because, in Aruba, you’re probably never more than eight miles from the sole ATM on the island.

It can be found in the northwest corner of the capital city Oranjestad. If you catch it when it’s closed, you’re out of luck. The next closest ATM is over 400 miles away in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

8. Malta – 6.8 ATMs per million residents

Bitcoin ATMs per million: 6.8
Number of Bitcoin ATMs: 3
Population: 440,000

Malta, the tiny island in the Mediterranean sea, best known for its beautiful beaches and offshore bank accounts, comes in at number eight with 6.8 Bitcoin ATMs per million residents. The country has the second lowest population in the European Union – it sits just under half a million.

The ATMs themselves will be found in two cities. St. Julian’s, an old fishing town, has two. Sliema, a close drive to St. Julian, has one.

9. United States – 5.6 ATMs per million residents

Bitcoin ATMs per million: 5.6
Number of Bitcoin ATMs: 1,825
Population: 325,700,000

The United States has the highest number of Bitcoin ATMs of any country. And it’s not even close; they’ve got every other country beat by at least 1,000 ATMs. But, the US doesn’t top this list. In some areas, they’re few and far between.

Like most other cities, you’ll find the largest concentration of ATMs in the most populous cities. The New York City has about 151 ATMs, Chicago has 251, and Los Angeles has 233. Their presence completely lacks in more rural states like Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, and Oklahoma, among others.

10. Slovenia – 4.8 Bitcoin ATMs per million residents

Bitcoin ATMs per million: 4.8
Number of Bitcoin ATMs: 10
Population: 2,100,000

With almost five ATMs per million, Slovenia rounds out the list. You might have heard that this year, in Kranj, the world’s first blockchain monument was erected in the city center. It was meant to represent their propensity to adopt new technologies. Their sheer volume of ATMs certainly reflects that.

The largest concentration of ATMs is in the capital city of Ljubljana, located in central Slovenia. It has seven. The rest can be found in Koper and Maribor.

Bitcoin ATM Density per 1,000,000 Residents By Country*


*Data from Coin ATM Radar. Current as of 4/25/2018.

Featured Image Original Source: Flickr – Great Photo By Marco Verch

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