Price Prediction As Bitcoin Cash Up 12%

At the time of writing, Bitcoin Cash currently stands up by 12.05%.

Over the past few days, we have seen Bitcoin Cash make incredible progress, it has been making gains in double figures for almost a week now and currently see’s it’s value, at the time of writing at a respectable $1,534.68.

Yesterday we reported on the trends of Bitcoin Cash in that prior to this weekend, Bitcoin Cash seemed to mirror the performance of Bitcoin. The value of Bitcoin Cash, usually held at around 10% of the value of Bitcoin. However, news of a new hard fork looks to have eased Bitcoin Cash out of Bitcoin’s wake, allowing it to rack up some value of its own.

Of course, this value gathering expedition so to speak has been helped along by the overall market positivity we have seen of late.

More news that is helping to influence the price of Bitcoin Cash is of course fresh from the team behind BitPay. We have recently reported on this so I won’t go into too much detail, but, if you haven’t already heard, BitPay have added Bitcoin Cash onto their system for real life ‘brick and mortar’ payments.

This means, Bitcoin Cash will now exist as a real life payment option in the retail sector, in physical shops that use BitPay as a payment facilitator. Because of this, Bitcoin Cash has received another huge boost in interest, which in turn seems to be contributing to it’s extended gains in value. This has been very beneficial for Bitcoin Cash as really, it has delayed the time it would normally take for a big correction to take place. Bitcoin Cash can no longer take a break now, it is simply going to continue flying for as long as the markets will let it.

So, price prediction?

We may very well see Bitcoin Cash hit $2,000.00 very soon. Perhaps as soon as the end of the week. Going into the weekend, this could be pushed up to $2,500.00, now that would be fantastic.

This is of course, assuming we are about to enter a second bull run, many people have predicted it, the signs are pointing to it, but really, we can never be sure when it is going to take place, or indeed, if.

Now remember, this is not an investment hint. Do your own research before deciding how to move forward with Bitcoin Cash. It is a currency with a lot of promise and it is a currency that is aiming for total worldwide adoption. The BitPay news really does contribute to this, but, if it is something you are interested in, please do continue to research Bitcoin Cash. Trade safe, trade well and hopefully we will see this coin make some bold moves soon enough.

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