Positive Weekend Passes As Bitcoin Nears $10,000

We wake this morning with more positive news from the cryptocurrency universe, the crypto-gods really have done us a favour this weekend, that’s for sure.

After an easy week of regular gains and solid maintenance, Bitcoin has truly proved it’s worth and maintained a significant value of over $8,000. Just a few weeks ago, Bitcoin did struggle to tip $7,000, however after a great week, off the back of a small market surge, Bitcoin is creeping up to $9,000 as the ever elusive $10,000 target gets closer by the day.

Let’s briefly review exactly how Bitcoin has performed over the weekend.

The 21st of April 2018, saw Bitcoin take a significant hike from $8,534.58, up to $8,877.34 within a very compressed time period, this good run then continued through the day until Bitcoin peaked at $8,990.49 mid-afternoon.

The positive run of Bitcoin was soon corrected, moving the value of Bitcoin down to $8,652.15 just a few hours later. On the 22nd of April 2018, Bitcoin opened just shy of $8,000.00, moving up to $8,990.55 by the afternoon.

How does Bitcoin look today?

This morning, at the time of writing on the 23rd of April 2018, Bitcoin is valued at $8930.64 and is up 0.50%. It does look as if Bitcoins ascent has tailed off somewhat, now only making short gains, but, if the climate remains this positive, we should see the good progress of Bitcoin continue into the afternoon. Hopefully, we may even see the $9,000.00 mark breached.

This positive progression has been seen market-wide, with many of the top coins making steady gains over the weekend. Now, of course, we might expect some further correction, currencies don’t just rise and rise eternally, we know that. However, regardless of this, if it doesn’t happen today, we should see Bitcoin peak at $9,000.00 very soon. It really doesn’t have far to go now, a couple of hours of good hikes should see it through. It is then, we can really start to look at $10,000.00 not as an ideal number, but as an achievable benchmark, halfway to the ultimate goal of $20,000 and perhaps, beyond.

As the day progresses, we will keep an eye on Bitcoin, the movements of this currency tend to indicate how the rest of the markets will perform. Though this is not always the case, we can assume that if Bitcoin is doing well, then (most) of the other currencies will react with similar positivity.

Let’s keep an eye on Bitcoin and its neighbours for now, hopefully we see an extension to this run of positivity over the afternoon, into the rest of the week.

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