Place Bets on Who wins Between Trump and Biden to Win Over 12 BTC in Rewards

It is less than six weeks before the United States goes to the ballot. BC.Game, as per a notification on Oct 14 on their site, now wants to bring all the benefits blockchain has to offer by blending gaming and politics from a provably fair platform, rewarding punters who speculate whether President Trump will continue to rule till 2024 or allow Joe Biden to take over.

Make Money by Placing Bets ahead of the U.S. Presidential Elections

Undoubtedly, the forthcoming U.S. presidential election is going to be hot. Explosive. And full of adrenaline. People are anxious. The global economy dangles precariously, waiting for stability. 

We got President Donald Trump, defending his seat, and Joe Biden, the former Vice President under the Barack Obama administration contesting, desirous of grabbing the keys to the Oval Office. 

The race will be won by tight margins. BC.Game wants to make the upcoming U.S. presidential elections more fun, interactive, and well, lucrative for those who wager that their candidate will win.

If you are team Trump or Joe, there are equal opportunities to make money. Odds are split into two. Technically, there is a 50-50 chance of making money by betting on or against any of the two presidential candidates. 

To mark this historical event, BC.Game is running their election only that it won’t be the normal voting. Instead, players’ bets will vote on their behalf. There are two choices to be made. Either team Tredump or Bidgreen to make up for what promises to be a fun TB Battle.

All punters have to do is to place bets, rooting for their candidate. To qualify–the event runs through till Nov 3, one must first register. 

Trump versus Biden, 12 BTC Up for Grabs

By default, all BC.Game players are free to participate and collect Tredump and Bidgreen coins as they increase their chances of receiving BTC rewards in the weekly and final ranking of events. 

Notably, all BC.Game players who wager in the Crash red and green game (Trenball game) will receive rewards. Every bet on Red $0.01 receives 1 T Coin. Likewise, every bet on Green (include Moon) $0.01 receives 1 B Coin. All new players can claim free T or B coins. Also, players who invite their friends to join stand a chance to receive more coins.

To increase the odds of receiving rewards from the weekly or total prize pool, a player must bet more often. Each bet rewards one with 1 T or 1 B coin depending on their preferred candidate. Every Monday, rewards from the weekly price pool—whose size grows depending on players’ bets, will be distributed and claimed from the BC.Game’s Notice Page.

Once the result of the U.S. Presidential Election is announced, the top 50 highest T Coin or B Coin holders (total of 50 people) will split up the total prize pool rewards depending on which candidates win. The pool size depends on active players’ bet. 

Presently, a total of 12 BTC will be split.  If Trump is re-elected, the top 50 T coin holders will split the total prize pool. Conversely, if Biden wins, the top 50 B coin holders will receive a portion of the 12 BTC the pool will generate.

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