Bitcoin Cash Turns It's Crosshairs On Litecoin

In an interesting development, we have seen what seems to be a direct attack from the Bitcoin Cash camp on Litecoin, a currency until now considered as a neighbour to Bitcoin Cash.

To track back slightly, we know both coins exist as a result of a Bitcoin hard fork. Litecoin did appear first and exists as a changed version of the Bitcoin platform, with Bitcoin Cash, the latter edition, holding similar characteristics to the original Bitcoin, now affectionately referred to as Bitcoin Core.

We know Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core regularly clash heads with their very conflating attitudes on what cryptocurrency could be, but generally as Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash have similar goals (fast, simple, well adopted, real life transactions) we have never really seen a significant level of tension between the two groups, other than of course the standard keyboard warrior instances this industry seems to foster.

We all know the Flappening right? The slightly comical network built to compare the activity of Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, well, it seems that recently, some activists may have taken it down in support of Bitcoin Cash. The site is now back online, however Charlie Lee the Founder of Litecoin was quick to respond.

This all seems to be a bit of a novelty to me and at least it is not a serious attack on the Litecoin camp, no data was taken. Yes, disabling a website malicious but overall I imagine this was carried out as a bit of a joke, although the motivations behind it could be quite worrying.

Lee highlights that Bitcoin Cash supporters have tried to buy Litecoin fan materials previously, in an attempt to take over and ‘confuse’ people. Here, I believe Lee is accusing Bitcoin Cash supporters of trying to ‘confuse’ people into thinking Bitcoin Cash is superior, although I could be wrong.

The problem I have here is that if this is correct, we may accuse Bitcoin Cash of trying to censor Litecoin instead of concentrating on their own promotion and development. By working together Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash may of course contribute to great things with regards to real blockchain adoption. At the moment though, petty challenges between their fan bases are certainly getting in the way of any unified progression taking place.

Who knows what will come of this, could we see tensions escalate or could this all just be one big publicity stunt? Hopefully its the latter, we wouldn’t want anybody to fall out right?

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