‘Bitcoin Car Talk’ Featuring Vin Armani and Mikeinspace, Male Gigolos

HUMOR: Beware, the light you see at the end of the tunnel may be just the start of an infinite loop. And that’s only the beginning of this week’s “Bitcoin Car Talk Episode” as Mikeinspace interviews tech entrepreneur, self-ownership guru and gigolo Vin Armani. Armani believes networks are “matriarchal in nature” — but will we get to hear why before the episode ends?

Armani: Networks Are Matriarchal (and So Are Tunnels)

Rodolfo Novak of ColdcardWallet and Opendime kicks things off by sending Mike a freebie and warning him about the dangers of vlogging while driving — obviously he’s never seen an episode of Bitcoin Car Talk before, or he would have known such warnings are futile.

Wait — never mind talking in the car, is Mike mining bitcoin on his dashboard there? Oh wait, that’s a 21 Inc. Bitcoin Computer… he’s not mining anything.

The serially-resurrected Mike then turns to feature interviewee Vin Armani for some life tips. Armani is the CTO of CoinText and co-founder of the CounterMarkets newsletter. But oops, CoinText is a Bitcoin Cash service, so Mike instead turns to the career Armani is best known for: gigolo.

“Being a gigolo is like selling a fantasy, you’ve gotta own it!” says Armani. And let’s be honest, that line could apply to blockchain too — so tune in and watch. It may also be the last episode of Bitcoin Car Talk — after Armani tells Mike he thinks he’s ready for a career change. The only question remaining is… will he accept bitcoin?

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