Bitcoin [BTC] ransom demanded in another Ukrainian government website hack

The crypto market is witnessing yet another ransom attack associating Bitcoin again. Some unidentified cybercriminals have barged in and hacked the Ukrainian Energy and Coal Industry Ministry’s website. They sent out a message demanding Bitcoin in return for the restoration of the stolen credentials from the site.

The encrypted files will be restored only if their demanded amount of Bitcoin [BTC] i.e. 0.1 Bitcoin ($930) is paid to them within 10 hours, stated the message written in English.

Notice on the website at press time

Though the money demanded the portal work is not huge compared to the previous demands, the frozen website holds a lot of value and given that the BTC price is at a very high range right now, it might serve the thieves quite right.

Previously, a Russian-linked hackers group had recently attacked government sites, stealing the important documents including the ones related to Ukraine.

Another big incident in the history of hacks was the City of Atlanta attack where the criminals demanded $51,000 worth BTC to return the credentials. Many exchanges in the crypto industry have also been victims of hackers and have had a lot of damages posing a threat to security and digital asset store.


This recent attack on Ukraine’s energy ministry appeared to be isolated as no other government websites or systems were affected, according to cyber police spokeswoman Yulia Kvitko’s message to Reuters.

She quoted:

“This case is not large-scale. If necessary, we are ready to react and help. Our specialists are working right now … We do not know how long it will take to resolve the issue.”

The websites of state-run energy companies have not been affected and the ministry’s email system was working normally. Ukrenergo, Energoatom said that everything is okay with their site by quoting, ‘it’s only our site that does not work’, according to statements from reports.

Daniel Clooney, a market enthusiast said:

“Nothing is safe in this world, not digitally or physically. Why does everybody make way for hackers so easily? Why can’t your systems get better and more secure to stay away from such evil hands? Our trust belies in you. You hold not only your assets but the entire societies, so don’t let it go so easily. The governments should seriously step up one level higher.”

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