Alleged Bitcoin [BTC] felon sings ‘It wasn’t me’ – Denies all allegations

According to the recent Icelandic reports the alleged Bitcoin thief, Sidri Thor Stefanson has re-appeared in Europe and claims to be innocent. According to the local newspapers, he denies the allegations saying “it wasn’t me” since there is no specific evidence against him. The suspect was in custody for a theft of Bitcoin mining equipment’s worth 200 kronurs (£1.45 million).

On the 17th of April, infamously hitting the headlines he successfully fled to Sweden in the same plane as the Icelandic Prime Minister. As locally reported, this was known as the greatest Heist in the field of cryptocurrency in the country. The convicted personal, Thor is suspected to have stolen 600 PC’s, 600 Graphic cards, 100 motherboards and other important hardware which is still reported missing.

Seeking Justice Thor Stefansson spoke out through a letter he had sent to Frettabladid:

“I simply refuse to be in the prison without my own will; especially the police have threatened to arrest me without an explanation. I’ve rights too.”

He continued to say:

“Because of Police suspicion I have been in the custody for more than two months without any evidence, that’s the reason I’m angry about. My testimony hasn’t been published till now because I was threatened. The longer I was in isolation I realized I can’t be threatened.”

He has quantified the detail of his so-called escape. Apparently, he claims that he was held in custody without any evidence. On the 16th of April his order for the detention had expired, hence the cops issued for an extension of 10 days. The judge postponed the decision for the next day; technically Stefansson claims he was free to go.


Police suspect Stefansson to be in Spain which is officially unconfirmed and the reward for the missing mining hardware is still applicable as before. Stefansson added to his testimony that he is working on a negotiation with the police in Iceland and waits to get home without being arrested abroad. Crimes in the crypto world have become tough to trace as these hacks or thefts are ‘state of the art’, leaving no evidence, therefore terming these offenders as suspects, not criminals.

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