Albany Airport Partners GE For Blockchain-powered Safe Travel Solution

Albany International Airport has partnered GE Aviation for a blockchain-powered safe, post-pandemic air travel solution at the airport. This is part of a larger plan to transform the airport into a digital incubator using cutting edge technology to ensure safer travel.

The airport has been signed as the launch customer for GE Aviation’s Wellness Trace App to track COVID-19 cleaning protocols at the airport.

Wellness Trace is a health application based on blockchain technology that can be used to track people’s medical screening results, object sanitation, and more. It will help adhere to regulations and protocols, improve customer trust and confidence, and prepare for the second wave of COVID-19 to avoid shutdowns.

GE will use new Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and other digital technologies going forward as it transforms the airport into a digital incubator to ensure safe, healthy travel through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

“The use of GE’s cutting-edge Wellness Trace App is a major first step in our joint efforts to integrate new digital solutions to create safer travel in a post-pandemic world,” said Philip Calderone, CEO of the Albany County Airport Authority.

By using the Wellness Trace App, travelers at the airport can scan a QR code to confirm the last cleaning event of an object or surface at the airport and the entire cleaning history in real time so as to allay fears of the surface being contaminated with the virus. More than 45 QR barcode stickers have been placed in areas and on objects throughout the Airport.

The App helps in closely tracking COVID-19 cleaning protocols, with the potential to track other health screening as the Industry and regulators navigate safe travel in a post-pandemic world.

Albany Airport initiated a three-month trial, during which its operations staff will use Wellness Trace to track cleaning and sanitation protocols for key areas and objects around the Airport.

Following the three-month trial, GE Aviation and Albany Airport officials will review the experience to discuss any updates or improvements that could be made to App. They also will discuss the feasibility of expanding use of the App for health screening.

GE Aviation officially launched the Wellness Trace App offering in late June 2020, in partnership with TE FOOD and Eurofins. The App uses Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Service to provide a comprehensive platform for airports and airlines to track COVID-19 screening for both passengers and employees.

It will also help set protocols for tracking the cleaning of objects and surfaces in the airport or aboard aircraft to ensure they are regularly disinfected.

Wellness Trace is part of GE’s blockchain solutions portfolio that is expanding its definition of safety in the future by offering food traceability solutions, fuel assurance solutions, and maintenance solutions. However, the primary focus is on the aviation industry.

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