$12,000 Now In Bitcoins Sights, It’s Bull Run Time

Last week, the markets saw some wonderful movements, over the weekend, that sentiment resonated. Further gains are now expected through the week, is the next bull run upon us?

We have now seen Bitcoin hit a 40-day high, this is a very significant factor to consider. A number of coins have now seemingly recovered from the market collapse of 2018, recently however Bitcoin did not look to be one of them. Now, with the 40 day statistic to hand, are we finally in a position to say Bitcoin has finally recovered and will now only move up from here?

How does Bitcoin stand today?

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is valued at $9,268.08 and is up 4.53%.

This figure moves Bitcoin way past the highs experienced in March, prior to the second collapse that saw Bitcoin reach a region of around $6500.00. During this time, people did claim that this signaled the end of Bitcoin, encouraging people to sell up and to stop buying.

Of course, this had a profound effect on the price of Bitcoin, an effect that saw the value of the currency teeter around the $6000.00 mark for some time. Realistically, nobody really expected Bitcoin to hit $7000.00 any time soon, yet now, we are well past $9,000.00 and only seem to be moving forward towards $10,000.

A quick boost now, could see Bitcoin move into the tens of thousands quite easily, that is the beauty of holding value above $9,000.00. Simply put, another bull run will ease the value of Bitcoin past that mark. Therefore, maybe $12,000.00 really is looming.

Okay, this isn’t to say that we are certain to see Bitcoin breach $12,000.00 this week, perhaps we won’t see it until May, but what I am suggesting now is that finally Bitcoin looks as if it’s intense recovery period has finally closed up, meaning, quite literally the only way is up for Bitcoin from here, onwards.

Experts have claimed that a second bull run for April is looming, when we see this market surge, we will see Bitcoin surge. Bitcoin leads the markets, this all but common knowledge now. Last night’s performance in breaching $9,000.00 has created an upwards trend throughout the markets. Therefore, perhaps this is the sign we are all looking for that might finally tell us when to expect the next bull run.

For now, the advice is to hold on. The markets are volatile, when they are performing this well, you could argue that they become more volatile. All trading is risky, but with such uncertainty rife, it is vital to carry out adequate research before making the decision to buy or sell. Do that research first. In the meantime, watch out, we are expecting big things to take off.

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