Vergefam wants Verge [XVG] to partner with Spotify and other big names in the industry

Verge’s recent victory involving the adoption of cryptos in MindGeeks, Verge [XVG] decided that they are still not done with their business deals. Another collaboration may be entered quite soon.

A week ago Verge managed to enter the partnership with MindGeek, which was considered to be one of the greatest victories for cryptos to date. However, this currency is not showing any signs of stopping when it comes to achieving what was seen as nearly impossible only a few years ago. They are now considering making the next historic deal, and this time, the aim is set at the music streaming giant – Spotify.

Verge’s core member who is in charge of recruitment and social media, Cees Van Dam, has decided to call out to XVG’s community. Van Dam is looking for support from the VergeFam to add their support to a campaign that has a goal of getting Spotify to adopt cryptos as well.

He tweeted in which he asked XVG’s followers to give their thoughts and vote on a new proposal that would demand that Spotify makes a formal evaluation of Verge cryptocurrency. The goal of this act is to determine whether XVG is good enough to be added to this music streaming platform.

Cees Van Dam’s tweet says:


“Vergefam, help us Verge being added as a payment option on Spotify. Please retweet. Together we can do it!”

The Verge volunteer, Dan is the one responsible for this suggestion. He pointed out to Spotify that partnership between Verge and MindGeek was a ‘monumental accomplishment’. He also called the potential partnership with Spotify a huge business opportunity.

Dan also informed Spotify of the fact that any positive outcome regarding the proposal would be supported by Verge’s enormous community.

The suggestion proposed by Dan is one of the highest ranking ideas on Spotify’s page called ‘Top Ideas’. Whether the company chooses to act on this idea or not, they will definitely at least look into it.

VergeFam’s members are extremely encouraged by Verge’s recent successes.

There were many suggestions that appeared recently, and some of the most important ones include Tinder, as well as Stripe. The wish list also treats Netflix as one of the most desired potential partners, but only time will tell whether one or more of these companies will be interested.

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