Verge [XVG], Brazzers and Pornhub – the epic partnership which has XVG trading at -30%

After the heart-wrenching wait for Verge to announce the “most-awaited” news, the Pornhub and Brazzers partnership evoked mixed reactions from the market. Although fundamentally the community felt it was the right move, many from the community were left disappointed with the move.

Verge [XVG] dropped down to trading at the number 28th position on with a market cap which was barely hitting $1 billion. At press time Verge [XVG] was trading at $0.067 to a token witnessing a 30% drop in the past seven days and a 3% drop in the past 24 hours.

Verge’s weekly report – Drops by 30%

The -30% drop experienced by Verge is the biggest drop among the top 300 tokens. According to rankings, the coin the next coin that has lost so much value is currently trading at 328th rank on coinmarketcap at press time, a lesser known token called ECC which was trading at -32%.

Just a day post the announcement, Pornhub announced that they had already received “thousands of payments” through Verge. There were other observers who mentioned that Pornhub didn’t receive “thousands” and that they had not even received one thousand at the time of the announcement.

Despite how the markets react, Verge supporters and the community stand behind Verge stating that most technological revolution starts with the porn industry first before getting accepted into mainstream society.


Alan Cortes, a crypto fanatic says,

“This is the only mainstream application for cryptocurrencies I have seen so far. Not talking about blockchain. Just crypto as in currency. It all starts with the porn industry, wait for it to go mainstream. Whoever sold/dumped now are going to regret it. We could see Verge go back on top and possibly even in the Top 10 within this year”

An interviewee who is not in the crypto industry and who didn’t want to be named says,

“I am not ashamed that I watch porn but it’s still a stigma and I would like to protect my privacy. Wouldn’t mind paying a bomb for quality porn but would never want my identity compromised. What Verge has done is, opened doors to a lot of people who want their identities protected and enjoy without being compromised.”

Despite the drop in prices, many argue that there is still a very strong use case for Verge which opened up after this current Pornhub and Brazzers partnership.

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