VeChain Thor Platform incorporates nanotechnology in partnership with INPI ASIA

VeChain has announced its partnership with INPI ASIA, that creates new types of digital identification solutions by utilizing a combination of nanotechnology, secured digital technology and photonics technology.

VeChain Foundation is working towards its goal to help the VeChainThor platform reach greater heights by integrating the best product makers and solution developers around the world. This will help them have a holistic approach towards problem-solving.

The new NDCode is capable of disrupting the RFID/NFC/QR Code dominant market as it goes beyond the limitations of the other codes. Additionally, the problems faced by use cases can be solved by VeChain’s cutting edge technology.

The ND code is a valuable addition to the IoT market as it provides high-level security with the photonic property, adds nano identification to products, brings an endless life cycle to digital identification, increases the potential to grow and is cost-efficient.

Furthermore, NDCode is resistant to high temperatures, can be used in a harsh environment, can be identified in the dark, the code can be identified even if it 30% damaged, can last over 100 years, and can be made into any shape.


VeChainThor blockchain ensures that the data associated with a product can be verified and not altered. The blockchain technology will also be used to detect any fraudulent activities but at the same time will maintain privacy and transparency.

This technology can be used by financial institutions, hospital, government offices, and banks, which require authentication of the records and data. The NDCode solution is a great method to authenticate collectibles or antiques without affecting its aesthetic appeal as NDCodes are invisible, durable, and permanent.

A crypto enthusiast said:

“VeChain is just the definition of excellent blockchain work. Keep doing this!! Game over for many IoT projects.”

Another crypto investor and enthusiast commented:

“I am blown away. Yet another incredible innovation! Would you believe I just had some guy telling me VeChain was uninvestable because it has no working products, “It’s private” etc etc, same old uninformed tripe. I pity the fool.”

Jesse Stone, a Twitter user said:

“What is this NDcode? Is it just an invisable QR code or is there a chip? Do you need a special reader to read it. NFC seems like a better choice as you can embed that and high heat resistance.”

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