Tron [TRX] offers $100K bounty for anybody who can find a bug in the Main Net

The Tron Main Net is the most talked about event today in the crypto-space. They have been smooth throughout the journey and successfully launched the main net. There have not been any errors noticed anywhere and to reflect their confidence in the work and their release, Justin Sun, the founder of Tron announced a bounty a few hours right after the main net hassle.

He announced a reward of the huge sum to anybody from the developer’s community or in general who can report or spot a glitch in their main net. Anybody is welcome to test the main net until the migration of tokens begins on June 25th. This means that the reward program is open from tomorrow until the 24th of June.

Justin’s tweet mentioned:

“Calling all developers! #TRON main net is live on #github and we’re offering up to $100K in #bugbounty rewards. Bring your A game.”

Tron’s Bug Bounty Announcement

This will help the Tron community improvise and fix any issues found. This smart move from the founder and his team is to ensure prevention and that there are no glitches in the future.

Here is what the supporters have got to say:


“Nice work Justin and the whole team did very great! Ignore the haters and fud. Let’s replace Ethereum and even bitcoin!”

John Hodgson:

“can’t help with the #bugbounty as my computer knowledge is poor… but I will offer some advice – never eat yellow snow!!! Probably not worth 100k but solid advice all the same!!!”

Homer J:

“Slightly better bug hunting incentives than @bytemaster7 @eos @eos_io but also on mainnet.”

Tomas M:

“If you want to find bug quickly and not hire any employees :)”


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