Tron (TRX) Main Net is live – Odyssey 2.0 Launches, but Doesn’t Impress Markets

Tron enthusiasts have a reason to celebrate as the Main Net is finally live. Tron will get to have its very own ecosystem including a web wallet, smart contracts, and also token creation opportunities.

Odyssey 2.0 is officially launched

The Main Net which is dubbed Odyssey 2.0 was officially launched today at 12 am UTC, and it’s marking the first step in moving the $4 billion TRX to an independent network.

Tron is preparing for building an entire ecosystem of Super Representatives in less than a month because that’s when the elections are scheduled. Tron’s CEO and founder Justin Sun started presenting the features that will be flaunted by the new network on Twitter.

The launching of the Odyssey 2.0 promises faster transactions and more features while at the same time allowing third-party distributed apps.

“Our team maintains a high standard of excellence as we head towards becoming a mainstream public blockchain. The move of the TRON Protocol to MainNet makes it easier for developers to break away from Ethereum and opens up new doors towards better scaling, commercialization and express lanes needed for global dApp development,” Sun says.

The Main Net launch didn’t do too much for TRX’s price

Unfortunately, this much-awaited launch didn’t do anything much for the price of TRX in the markets. The coin fell another 5% to $0.061, and it’s possible that it will maintain its downward trend considering that its trading volumes were not lifted to exciting levels. TRX is currently trading at a very slight premium against the Korean Won on Upbit at $0.062.

The Odyssey 2.0 Tron protocol was live with a few hours before the Main Net announcement, and it was available on GitHub.

Feedback from the crypto space

The launch announcement itself was not seen as a massive thing, but on the other hand, many voices in the crypto space believe that the full ecosystem would definitely allow large-scale partnerships such as the one with Alibaba and more giants.

Other crypto enthusiasts are pretty skeptical and they believe that the launch is a feat for Tron considering that the tokens are not officially swapped and there are no elected Super Representatives yet who could secure consensus.

The campaign for Super Representatives will support TRX

The campaign for Super Representatives will benefit TRX and the candidates include Bitcoin God which is a fork from 2017 and representatives from the Tron team.

The token transition will culminate on June 25 a date which is called Independence Day. Some investors even claim that Tron will be an Ethereum killer and it remains to be seen whether they are right.

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