TRON [TRX] listed on multiple exchanges a week prior to the Main Net launch

Tron which was already listed on Bittrex Exchange is now available with a new trading pair USDT-TRX. Tron was also listed on Einstein exchange, WazirX, an Indian exchange and according to the latest news. Coinbene is the newest platform to add TRX to its list. Coinebene, a Malaysian crypto exchange will open markets for the same trading pair, TRX/USDT on April 25, 14:00 (UTC+8). This trading platform has more than 1 million registered users and is distributed in over 200 countries and regions.

Justin Sun recently tweeted:

Tron listing announcement

He wrote:

“#TRON #TRX will be listed on @coinbene and TRX/USDT will be opened on April 25,14:00 (UTC+8)”

Another announcement by Justin Sun

Jan Rodgers, a TRX holder said:

“Wait for a Sec !! it took me 9 Minutes to realize it’s COINBENE Not Coinbase!!!! I am really shocked, you got me on this dude. Are you sure this is not a spelling mistake for Coinbase?”

Malaki Timms, a Tron supporter said:


“Coinbase next, and then the MOON!!! Why not $100 then? I can only assume that CB has its eye on TRONI! HODL.”

The Main Net launch is sure one of the biggest and most awaited for Tron and its team as well as for the market and supporters. Justin Sun has been making announcements one after the other without getting a rest with so many listings and new events happening revolving around Tron.

The prices have been surging reaching $0.064 as seen at price time.

Tron has been shooting up for a week by almost 52%. It has gained volume further by 21% in the past 24 hours and is one of the coins in the list to add to the total market supply profit of a whopping $423 billion. The market cap of Tron is now $4.2 billion placing it at the 13th position.

Dilshan Fernando, a Twitterati said:

“TRON will make the biggest BULL RUN in the history VERY SOON!!!”

Jonathan Warner, a day trader tweeted:

“Much to be happy about these days. TRX and entire market looking great! Many investors back in black for the year and excited to see the progress from TRX and team. Keep it up!”

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