A sneak peek into Tron [TRX]’s ongoing airdrop

Tron Foundation on 21st April announced that it will airdrop 30 Million TRX to the Ethereum community. Tron has taken this initiative to convey their gratitude towards Ethereum for its support during Tron’s ERC20 phase and the preparation for the Super Representative Elections after the Mainnet launch. Tron will airdrop 30 Million TRX (equivalent to approx. USD$1.7 Million) to the active users with a balance of over 1 ETH after January 2018. Each account would receive random TRX, an amount between 10 TRX to 100 TRX will be randomly selected for each user.

In Tron’s early stage of development, Ethereum played a vital role, and Tron now wants to express their appreciation through this airdrop event. However, they have also discovered many issues and bottlenecks during their time on the Ethereum platform. Tron is utilizing this opportunity to give a chance to the people to experience their high Transactions Per Second [TPS] development platform. By doing this, the community will get a chance to become a part of their new generation decentralized network and the TRON democracy.

Airdrops began on 27th April, after it was announced 6 days prior to the initiation of the event. But due to severe Ethereum network congestion, they have only completed 4 percent of airdrops to eligible Ethereum users at the time of writing. In order to deal with the issue of network congestion, they have increased mining fees which in turn will accelerate the airdrop process.

The Tron Foundation is thankful to the people for their patience and looks forward to achieving what it set out to do for Ethereum community.

The Tron team has released a statutory warning concerning the airdrop event stating that they will be handling all the processes for the airdrop event. They do not require any action from Ethereum users. Tron will not solicit users for tokens or addresses for any reason at all. Users will get complete support from the Tron team in case of any suspicious activity.


They further released a disclaimer stating that Tron reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.

Twitter saw both positive and negative responses to the event’s progress report posted by Tron’s CEO, Justin Sun today.

Steven, a Twitterati commented:

“More new money coming tomorrow after the holiday. Heading to 0.15 in coming days.”

Orodreth Carnesir, a cryptocurrency enthusiast says:

“Weird I guess TRX being paired with USD and other fiat currencies are nothing achieved since there is no other coin doing that except LTC, BTC, ETH, and BCH. Oh and I guess it being in crypto atm’s is nothing, or successfully launching test net, or being ranked top 6 cryptocurrencies.”

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