Pontem Network, a Public Experimental Portal for the Diem Blockchain, Partners with Pinknode to Better Web3 Infrastructure

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In a milestone announcement, Pontem Network and Pinknode, two dApps on Polkadot, are partnering as per a press release on July 15.

Developing Critical Infrastructure on Polkadot Ahead of Facebook’s Diem Blockchain Launch

Pontem Network–which is building a replica of Facebook’s Diem Blockchain on Polkadot to ensure interoperability and flexibility from developers– is strategically joining hands with Pinknode. 

According to the two teams, the goal will be to provide web3 infrastructure. A significant part will be offered and executed via Pinknode rails. 

Commenting, Boris Povod, the founder of Pontem, said the partnership would go a long way in improving Polkadot’s infrastructure and making their portal an experimental network once Diem Blockchain launches.

“With Pinknode acting as our primary infrastructure provider, their reliable and secure API endpoints will be a key building block to completing our joint goal of improving Polkadot’s current infrastructure while also allowing us to work towards our goal of becoming the experimentation network for Diem.”

Leveraging on Infrastructure Synergies for Building Bridges and Onboarding Users

Pinknode is a trusted and one of the most popular node infrastructure providers in Polkadot. They will provide Pontem with secure, reliable, and scalable API endpoints. Also, developers would access the Kusama developmental environment via Pinknode.

Through their partnerships, they would be in a position to test market fit products and experiment with new ideas in an incentivized network before finally launching them on the Diem blockchain set for release later this year. 

Because of the interoperability aspect of Pontem Network, Diem Blockchain users would access features offered by the scalable network. 

Eric Poh pointed out its goal of helping the Pontem Network achieve its mission of building a bridge to the private Diem Blockchain.

“In light of our synergies as infrastructure projects on Polkadot, Pinknode fully supports Pontem’s mission to build a bridge to Diem’s permissioned blockchain and potentially onboarding billions of users onto the Polkadot ecosystem.”

He added:

“Collaborating with Pontem will allow Pinknode to do what it does best – providing dApp developers the infrastructural support they need to accelerate and expand the revolutionary potential of Polkadot’s cross-chain interoperability.”

The $4.5 Million Raise

The announcement is an accomplishment and comes after the Pontem Network raised $4.5 million in a funding round from Mechanism Capital, Animoca Brands, Kenetic Capital, and others. 

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