Litecoin Upgraded! LTC Core v0.16.0 released

Litecoin Project has announced the release of Litecoin Core v0.16.0 on 31st May 2018. The upgrade has stirred excitement in the community of Litecoin. There have been major changes in the version including new bugfixes, enhanced performance, and upgraded features.

Litecoin Core 0.16.0 has been through levels of testing before it was released. The users are advised to upgrade their software for further usage. The developmental highlights are the changes in the Wallet, support for pruned nodes, SHA256 optimization, GUI changes, RPC changes, and changes in the low-level.

Litecoin Core is an open software allowing access to Litecoin currency. It is maintained by the developing team of Litecoin and was released under the license terms of MIT.

The chief upgrade is the complete support for Segwit wallet and interface of users. The segwit addresses created are added to the wallet. The segwit keys get implicit redeemscript added automatically and the pool keys being used in transactions get their redeemscripts added to the wallet file. The default version of hierarchical deterministic [HD] wallets will be upgraded.

It also has new flexibility in the wallet directory. The previous database of the wallet was stored at a top level of the LTC data directory. There is also a support of pruned nodes [BIP159]. A new ‘savemempool’ RPC is added by default and a safe mode is disabled by default as well.

JSON-RPC, the default regtest is changed to 19443, which avoids conflicts with the default of the testnet, 19332. However, this version may have bugs, and therefore the developing team has advised the users to constantly back their wallet up before upgrading.

The Litecoin School of Crypto, a Twitter user commented:

“This release had a TON of work done to it. Some notable mentions are Bech32 Segwit address support, a lot of wallet command/interface logic, and saving mempool so it doesn’t get lost if your Core crashes.”

Naji G, a crypto enthustastic commented:

“Im still wondering how i can use lightning network or its automatically done,what about LoafWallet does it use segwit,need some knowledge source about LTC.”

lucky unwakwe commented:

“SatoshiLite if they don’t upgrade hope they wouldn’t b fucked, no I mean fork ?, nice 1 4rm litecoin team,good team spirit”

netherAJ, a Reddit user:

“fyi, the osx dmg application appears to be corrupt. MacOS won’t run it. “App” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.”. (downloaded from and verified multiple times) 0.15.1 works fine.”


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