IOTA [MIOTA] releases its much awaited Trinity Mobile Beta

IOTA [MIOTA] one of the top cryptocurrency has announced the release of the much awaited Trinity Mobile Beta. The release of the new wallet has led to a sense of enthusiasm in the IOTA community as they have been expecting the release of the new wallet for a long time.

The IOTA Foundation announced the release of Trinity, a user-friendly wallet and has given an in-detail information about the key features on their blog.

Users will be able to use the new wallet on their desktop and their mobile. The wallet will provide new users with a guide and information in order to avoid problems which are usually faced by new users. It will also include features such as an automatic value conversation of crypto to fiat, pre-set viewing of transactions as bundles and transaction queues which will prevent users from making two transfers at the same time and avoid invalid transactions.

The wallet will further have three different modes, Minimal, Standard and Expert mode which will allow for variation in the visibility of technical information. The wallet will also re-attach transactions if the transaction is not confirmed after a certain duration.

In addition to this, Trinity also has a two-factor authentication and transaction pin code and a design with a capability for new plugin developments.

TheArtofSaul, a Redditor says:

“yep it truly is the best wallet, tons of features, security features, and to my knowledge the only wallet in crypto to go through several 3rd party security audits and attack vector simulations. The desktop release is shaping up very nicely also so I would expect it soon. Glad to see people will get to enjoy what many of us testers have enjoyed for weeks now.”

Milad Nazari, another Redditor says”

“It was really interesting to read to changelogs. For example they replaced Android’s share function (used when backing up seed) with a custom share module, removing copy to clipboard in favour of direct linking to a password manager because clipboard copy is insecure on Android. They released the app only after it went through 2 independent security audits. So it’s not only beautiful but also secure.”

Ever since the release of the new wallet, according to CoinMarketCap, IOTA [MIOTA] at press time was trading at $1.62 with a market cap of $4 billion.


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