Invaluable Tools for ICO Marketing Campaigns

Getting your token sale to market is an ambitious undertaking. Fortunately, the right ICO marketing campaign can get you there.

[Editor’s note: This is a guest article submitted by On Yavin]

What Challenges Do ICO Marketing Campaigns Face?

ICO Marketing campaigns are much like soccer games – It’s all about how you employ a combination of tactical and strategic resources to perfect your ground game and hit the back of the net. It’s easy to get a website up and running – it’s an entirely different prospect to dominate the field of play. To that end, it’s about maximizing the resources available to you and using out-of-the-box concepts in this dynamic field. Make no mistake about it: Cryptocurrency ICO campaigns are taking the world by storm. To be successful in this arena, you must knock out your competition by presenting your product offering as a must-have trade or investment.

It’s no easy feat steamrolling the competition. There are more than 1,500 cryptocurrencies operating across over 10,000 markets. It’s for precisely these reasons that ICO marketing strategies must fuse traditional ICO and marketing tactics and dynamic marketing initiatives to create a success-driven strategy. The synergy that exists within well-run ICO marketing strategies hinges upon the collaboration between various approaches. For example, email marketing must dovetail perfectly with a strategically oriented PPC marketing campaign, in addition to a novel concept known as a Bounty Program. Effective leadership from an ICO marketing expert is required to tie all the loose ends together and channel the ICO marketing strategy toward success. There are three tenets of every successful ICO marketing strategy, namely:

What Resources Are Available to the ICO Marketing Team?

There’s no doubt about it – ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) are some of the most popular investment opportunities in the market. The explosive activity in Q4 2017 is evidence of the potential of the cryptocurrency market. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and the blockchain technology use a token-based model. The number of new cryptocurrencies appearing on the scene is likely to expand at an exponential rate, making it even more important to have the right ICO marketing strategy for your token-based business model.

ICO marketing firms understand the nuances and intricacies of this volatile market. It’s foolhardy to rest on one’s laurels by applying old methodologies in a new-age paradigm. That’s why it is important to adopt an analytical approach to the process. Marketing activity must be directed at reaching all possible stakeholders and reeling in others with even the slightest interest in the token launch. The trifecta of ICO marketing tools that are used to make all this happen is Email Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), and the highly effective Bounty Program option.

What is PPC, and How Can it Help?

PPC is otherwise known as ‘Pay Per Click’. It is a hands-on approach to targeting users based on specific analytical data in order to reach a wider audience than your token’s website can do alone. Moreover, it raises awareness of the ICO and reels in stakeholders. By redirecting focus from the cryptocurrency media network to the ICO pre-launch website or post-launch website, PPC can make a big impact on sales, adoption, and ROI. Its ability to generate leads and conversions allows PPC marketing to remain a leading tool in any ICO marketing package.

PPC is effective for all stages of a cryptocurrency’s growth. These campaigns can effectively channel attention directly to your company’s website. Effectively managed PPC campaigns are more likely to lead to successful outcomes, even before the ICO date has been reached. It should be remembered that the major social media network, Facebook, has slapped a ban on cryptocurrency PPC ads. Google is also planning on banning all cryptocurrency related PPC ads starting from June 2018. Similarly, Twitter has decided to enforce a ban on all ads related to cryptocurrencies, which will begin within a couple of weeks.

The motivation behind the ban is not to prevent people from dabbling in crypto investments or trades – it’s to protect unsuspecting folks with no knowledge of this volatile market from making costly mistakes. The point is that the ICO marketing team should focus their efforts on people who have either a limited or keen understanding of cryptocurrencies and how they can be beneficial to the global ecosystem.

ICO marketing experts use Pay Per Click methodology in cryptocurrency media networks. This time-tested technique for attracting informed crypto aficionados, traders, and investors has passed the litmus test.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is hugely beneficial to a well-structured ICO campaign. There are currently multiple email marketing options available when it comes to ICO marketing. These include managed email campaigns and self-service campaigns. Self-service email marketing campaigns allow ICO companies to choose their preferred email listing and then create their tailored message. An ICO marketing manager can design the HTML creative and then submit it. The costs of email marketing campaigns vary according to the quality of the offering, the company’s budget, and the number of emails that are likely to be sent through the campaign.

You may be inclined to target venture capitalists, the top 1,000 tech blogs, leading ICO investors, or cryptocurrency stakeholders. Other options include private equity investors and tech journalists. Managed email campaigns are the other choice available to clients. You simply enter your biographic information, including the ICO start date and end date. The effectiveness of email marketing campaigns is evident across the board. Thought leaders in the industry can be reached, and there is tremendous traction, and investment potential with this option.

How Can Bounty Programs Help?

ICO marketing campaigns are increasingly making use of Bounty Programs. The goal of all campaigns is to dig as deep as you can into the market. In Bounty Programs, the goal is to gain as much coverage area and as much depth as possible. Social media marketing proves to be the most cost-effective digital marketing channel for ICO campaigns. With Bounty Programs, the benefits you receive are like the benefits provided through online gaming programs. It’s an incentivized system whereby various stakeholders, traders, investors, and donors are introduced to the cryptocurrency. The digital coin company rewards individuals for performing certain tasks.

Today, successful ICO marketing guides routinely support the use of Bounty Programs for promotional purposes. People are compensated for testing the network, writing ICO articles, providing research, reporting on bugs that have been found, translating ICO content, offering insights, creating BitcoinTalk signatures, and so forth. Whether it is a pre-ICO Bounty Program or a post-ICO Bounty Program, the importance of this resource is undeniable. The concept of a Bounty Program is a merit-based model. Within the Bounty Program realm, is something known as Airdropping.

This blockchain project is responsible for distributing complimentary cryptocurrency tokens to the community. It only kicks in once the ICO marketing campaign is up and running. Airdropping is performed by Airdrop companies, of which there are many today. They provide a useful service to traders, investors, and all other adopters of cryptocurrency. Major organizations, such as the Blockchain Education Network, publicize the launch of cryptocurrencies to attract greater numbers of people to the ICO marketing launch.

Which Channels Are Used for These Cryptocurrency Resources?

Read any ICO marketing guide and you’ll find that there is no shortage of cryptocurrency platforms today. One of them is BitcoinTalk and it serves as the premier portal to the cryptocurrency universe. For an ICO marketing campaign to work, it must maximize the power of these platforms. Fortunately, BitcoinTalk has captivated the attention of the cryptocurrency community in a big way and its influence spreads far and wide throughout the ecosystem.

The ICO paradigm is attractive to all sorts of individuals, including speculators, general investors, technology bloggers, financiers, early adopters of the cryptocurrency, and business journalists. For the ICO marketing campaign, more publicity is always better. To get the proverbial word out there, several techniques can be used including:

It’s all about connectivity in the cryptocurrency universe. The more connections there are within the network, the better for everyone. Professionals who provide ICO marketing services and have lots of connections to journalists and people in the industry will typically do a much better job of promoting the cryptocurrency. There are two primary options to use – paid options, and organic options – and both should be employed for maximum benefit. The quality of the analytics is sacrosanct. A successful ICO marketing plan will rely heavily on the right information for stakeholders. For starters, it’s imperative to know who will read the marketing material and who has an interest in investing in the ICO. There is no doubt that your ICO marketing plan is handled best by the experts.

Consider the downside of a poorly managed pre-launch ICO marketing campaign – failure across the board. Fortunately, there are many upsides if things are managed effectively. The benefits to the company, stakeholders, and the greater community are substantial when an ICO marketing campaign is managed well. When investors have better information about the nature of the product, its usage in real life applications, and its growth potential – they are more likely to part with their hard-earned money and throw caution to the wind. People are unlikely to respond well to ICO marketing campaigns that extol the virtues of the company without backing it up with concrete facts or strategic plans. It is vital to work with an experienced ICO marketing agency that can put the right ground game in place to make sure the campaign is a success.

Today, it’s the professional companies that lead the way with ICO marketing campaigns. A professional ICO marketing company knows which resources to tap into for the best results. Further, they can adapt tactics and strategies to ensure a successful outcome. The greater the exposure, the better the pre-ICO campaign and post ICO campaign operations. The whole point of marketing is to create a favorable impression of the token. Timing is everything with ICO marketing campaigns. Enough lead time must be factored into the equation to ensure that marketing strategy has a chance to work its magic. By drumming up the necessary attention, it is possible to create that hype and hysteria that is so important for lift-off. Of course, the right balance needs to be struck between organic promotion and paid coverage. It’s best to employ as many resources as possible for the widest possible coverage. Luckily, once the media sinks their teeth into a good story – there is no limit on the upside potential!

Author: On Yavin, Co-Founder & CMO at Cointelligence, a platform for monitoring and analyzing real-time crypto-economy market data. On is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor with over 20 years of experience in the tech industry. On is an expert in the field of online marketing, with deep hands-on experience and knowledge of SEO, PPC, and ORM.

Are there any other marketing tools that you would recommend for new ICOs? Do you disagree with any of the tools/methods described above? Let us know in the comments below.

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