Fighting corruption with Blockchain is the youngest presidential candidate’s vision for Mexico

Mexico is electing a new president and one of the candidates standing for this is the young Ricardo Anaya. Being the youngest candidate at 39, Anaya is a lawyer and Politician with Ph.D. who plans to fight corruption with Blockchain Technology.

The country’s crisis has raised speculations among the population in the corrupt policy implementation face. Ricardo Anaya wants to eradicate this safely with innovation, which brought him to Blockchain. He says that it is great to see blockchain expanding beyond just the cryptocurrency industry and spreading to a wider area.

According to his statement on social media:

“Mexico has witnessed the highest number of bribes among all the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Blockchain will allow us to rethink politics in the service of society.”

Anaya, a presidential candidate of the “For Mexico in Front” union has a clear vision of getting peace to the entire country and to all the Mexican families. The coalition consists the National Action party, the Party of the Democratic Revolution and Citizens’ Movement.

He stated:


“This is not a choice anymore, because the future of an entire generation is at stake. In this project, we all fit young people with their power, adults with their experience and children with their joy. Let’s build our common house together!”.

With multiple hack attacks and security threats associated with the technology as portrayed by the media, the Latin American population is concerned about the same and are worried about losing transactions. Educating them about the fresh technology like Blockchain is the only right solution and this is how Anaya aims to adapt and make Mexico a better country by displaying the improvements over traditional procedures.

From his visionary perspective, he aims to:

Kamil Hayes, a Mexican citizen said:

“Such a visionary Anaya, you are the perfect leader for us and blockchain is such a great idea. Integrating that to the governemnt will make our country definetly a better and cleaner society. Looking forward to it, we are with you.”

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