Expectations From UpCRO’s Launch

The Era of DeFi isn’t fading rather it is gaining momentum with innovative tech solutions like UpCRO.

UpCRO takes an entirely unique approach to complex mechanical design and ecosystem expansion while always trying to look at markets from new perspectives. 

UpOnlyTokens uses a fully refined market structure based on volume and they never go down in price.

In the quest to add flavour to users’ crypto journey through viable Crypto projects, UpCRO is proud to announce their launch on the 25th of January, 2022. Users can join the market generation event on the said date.

The chances for this project to scale is guaranteed and this is owing to the fact that the team responsible for this project have been in the Cryptocurrency space for almost 2 years with wide exposures and experiences in the space.

Empire team, a partnering body to UpCRO, will use ERC 31337 standard version, also called the elite token which will be put into the Uniswap fork by the team.

A simple description of UpCRO Market Generation Event is as follows; 

275% efficiency is earmarked with the raised funds as shown below;

Liquidity: 144%

Referral buy: 1.11%

Group buy: 55.55%

Market stabilization buy: 23.69%

Drip Vault buy: 19.63% (new)

Marketing Vault: 11%

Vault: 20%

Dev: 23.69%

Vesting Period Length: 15 days

Market Generation Event (MGE)

Market Generation Event shows the potential that lies in spending the same value twice using ERC-31337 token wrapper. Users should be patient with UpCRO’s team and also stay resilient as UpToken launches are designed to be as fair as possible.

When the Generation Phase ends and pools are created, all of the token supply will be locked into liquidity with no available chance for further minting. 

Users can also benefit from the token by entering with CRO on the CRONOS blockchain or enter with BNB on the BSC blockchain on upcro.finance.

The team will take care of the conversion and pay the gas fees while the users who entered with the BSC blockchain will be able to claim on CRONOS.

Innovative Features

UpCRO is open to launching multiple innovative features which includes; marketing vault, drip fault and amazing features on DeFi. 

The drip Vault will offer the opportunity for a multi-layered double auto-compounding staking system with predictable APY. 

Marketing is the live wire of a business, blockchain inclusive and with so many tokens comes expectations to propage the benefits of the token. 

The marketing vault will provide long-term success by adding a dedicated marketing vault to the project system.

Notable Achievements

Over the past 12 months, UpCRO have released two versions of a token that soars upon buy and sell. 

So far, there’s been a launch of 4 UpTokens in total, each with Market Generation Events. Thus, earning UpCRO the mention for the team that has launched the most tokens.

Futuristic Plans

Following the achievements in the past 12 months, it is expected that in the next 12 months, a thorough release schedule of system update per month will be instituted.

In order to ensure efficiency in transfer, fees are expected to be sent to contracts to split after larger amounts have been collected.

The Fee splitter can be set to collect fees for any number of tokens. The owner of the contract will simply set the ratios and then set the number of receivers to collect portions of the fees in either UpTokens or the paired token.

The burn function will be enabled on the contract as this will help reduce the supply which will help increase the price floor and unlock more value from the gem.

Redistribution of the collected token will be ensured without any changes and this will support staking contracts.

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