EOS [EOS] to launch their main net in 40 days

EOS [EOS] is ready for their main net let which is scheduled for June 2nd. The launch of EOS.io will transit EOS from the Ethereum blockchain to the main net in 40 days.

The transition will increase the speed, reduce the cost and make it more secure and efficient. The launch of the main net is going to change the token which is based on Ethereum at present. EOS investors are required to register their EOS token on the platform by June 1st as they will be frozen on the Ethereum blockchain before the main net launch.

EOS.io is a software which introduces a blockchain architecture that enables horizontal and vertical scaling of decentralized application. The software allows authentication, asynchronous communication, scheduling of applications, accounts, databases across various CPU cores and clusters. This, in turn, will create a pathway for millions of transactions to take place per second, abolishes fees and makes deployment of decentralized application quick and easy.

Binance, one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency platform and Bitfinex, one of the top exchange platform have announced their full support for the upcoming EOS main net launch.

Peter Howell, a businessman says:


“Can’t wait for the EOS main net launch in June; besides the numerous dApps already being built on it, we’ll see plenty of ERC-20 tokens jump ship. Man, how I’d love to see Power Ledger be one of them”

Crypto Nicklos, a cryptocurrency investor says:

“EOS main net launches in June, and is already set out to be one of the best smart contract platforms next to NEO & ETH”

ALThunter, a Twitterati says:

“Everyday EOS surprises me with more great work. 90 days till main net launch. And EOS.io is loading up with projects. From concept phase to development to beta and even live. 2018 will be the year of EOS.. Great product and even greater community.”

Rob Finch, Founder of ICO Alert says:

“My bet is EOS will overtake LTC and BCH by main net launch in June. Maybe XRP too”

According to CoinMarketCap, EOS [EOS] at press time is trading at $11.58 with a market cap $9 billion of and has seen a significant rise of more than 44% in the past 24 hours.

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