What did the crypto space expect from Tron [TRX]’s mainnet as it puts an end to the month long wait?

Tron, as a team, has been working breathlessly for the past few months to put together a blockchain technology to bring in a revolution. They have created a whole new atmosphere, a fresh ambiance in the crypto world with a continuous wave of announcements and news. They will now be the independent owner of a public blockchain with the tokens of their own, eliminating the dependency of Ethereum blockchain and its token ERC-20.

Tron has the world’s largest protocol supposedly which allows each user to freely publish, store and own data thus forming a decentralized content entertainment ecosystem. Tron, through its protocol, aims to accomplish such an ecosystem by cutting out the giant corporate middlemen and putting all the profit earning potential back into the content creator’s hands.

Looking into the problems of the centralized entertainment and ending up with a solution to it might be a “Micro” goal for TRON, but the “Macro” goal is to totally reframe how the existing global society will interact via the Internet and blockchain as a whole on a truly decentralized platform ecosystem.

One point of view for TRX to be viewed is as the “exchange” currency on the TRON protocol blockchain. As observed with the other independent blockchain currencies, there is always some news around it with big companies in line to build upon their blockchains.

The event which is the most anticipated since months has finally kicked off as the clocks have stopped the countdown and the entire crypto world is expected to look down to it. The Main Net had promised a revolution and lot of big announcements at the same time keeping everybody curious about the happenings. It is now time to witness the master transformation and wait for the follow-ups.

Stid, a Twitterati says:

“@justinsuntron Magnificent project, Solid…. as the best companies, if they want to be winners because hold the currency…. Congratulations, Justin.”

EdCummins, a market enthusiast says:

“You better have some massive announcement during the live stream… you have been shilling this for weeks now!”

Squidwardiv, a speculator tweeted:

“I don’t believe big #trx announcement will be made during the live stream. After mainnet there will be 24 days of vulnerability testing. If issues are found (EOS) any partnership loses credibility and tanks the TRX MC. Coin migration with a tested safe TRX + announcement = $$$”

Hung Nguyen commented:

“Keep counting down like your trx price!”

Exodus, another speculator says:

“You ever going to respond to your supporters? Or do you just tweet and leave? We might have more faith in you if you would take some time answer the community since you post 5 times a day at least.”

The Trononator commented:

“Bro you need to pull something special out if your arse as you have hyped everyone up and although I’m in it for the tech …80% of the people want to milk this cash cow .. if no price increase … I think you will lose Investors .. announcements better be good.”


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